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Allgarve Gourmet, Museum of Portimão

Live demonstrations and tastings of marine products and canning is a great bet Allgarve Gourmet, taking place 16-24 July, from 19.00 to 24.00 at the Museum of Portimão, where renowned chefs will recreate ingredients in innovative recipes.

During the eight days duration of this food festival, visitors will have opportunity to interact with chefs, assist in preparing dishes and enjoy the specialties presented. In the space of the event can find gourmet restaurants and lounges, bars for different types of drinks, the coffee, dining and living and even a mini-stage for sessions of live music and DJs.

Organized by "Allgarve'10" and produced by Essence of wine, Gourmet Allgarve with the participation of 19 chefs and the exclusive presence of wine in the Algarve. Admission ranges from 10 euros (offering two tasting + coffee + drinks + visit to the Museum) and 15 euros (offer four tastings + drinks + coffee + visit to the Museum).

For this event, our charming apartament in Lagos is avaiable.

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