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Amsterdam Central Station

 Amsterdam Central Station


Amsterdam Central Station is the transport hub of Amsterdam. The station was built between 1881 and 1889, and was designed by the architect P.J.H. Cuypers. The station has 6 platforms and is built over three islands in the IJ-lake. Just like most buildings in Amsterdam, the station was built on wooden poles - 8687 of them, to be precise. The station is the busiest of the Netherlands, with more than 300,000 travellers daily.

General Information:

The station is famous for its architecture, and many tourists visit it in order to see the main entrance. The station doesn't just have train platforms: tram and metro lines also depart from the station. From the back of the station, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Ij-lake. If you are in Amsterdam and fancy doing some sightseeing, don't forget to stop by the Central Station, it won't fail to impress.


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