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Top 5 Restaurants to eat the best Paella in Barcelona

On the hunt for Barcelona's best paella in

The most well-known culinary symbol of Spain is paella. A dish originally from the region of Valencia, there are many different ways to prepare paella, since it can be made from almost any ingredient. Barcelona boasts a fantastic coastline and high quality fish, a fact which is reflected in its fish and seafood paellas. To avoid getting lost in the maze of restaurants promising to offer you the best paella in Barcelona, we suggest our top 5 restaurants where you can taste the best paella in Barcelona. Here, you'll find a wide range of restaurants, whose popularity depends on their comfort, service and of course on the quality of their food, which after all is what matters most.

Restaurant Can Majó

After 40 years of experience, this popular restaurant on Barcelona's seafront is a truly family business, since the founder's sons are now in charge of this typical restaurant. The owner personally selects the products to be used in the delicious dishes on offer. Rice with lobster and the wide variety of seafood-based starters are highly recommended. The terrace is cosy and welcoming, which makes enjoying a 100% Mediterranean meal even more attractive. Where: Almirall Aixada 23, La Barceloneta

Casa Varela 

Originally called la Xarxa, this used to be a seafood restaurant, with excellent fish dishes prepared in the Galician style. However, after a thorough reform, the result is the Restaurant Varela. The founder's son has taken over and has broadened the horizons of this restaurant. Their specialities are the paella sin trabajo (shell-free paella) and black rice with fish and shellfish. This restaurant offers popular recipes at relatively reasonable prices, as well as a profuse wine cellar and wine selection, all with the best quality possible. Where: Molina Plaza 4

Restaurant 7 Portes

Barcelona's historic restaurant was opened in 1836 and declared a site of national interest. Illustrious figures such as Orson Welles, Federico García Lorca and Picasso have passed by its dining rooms. It offers an extensive menu full of typical Catalan cuisine and specialises in paella. If you want to enjoy a great paella in a legendary location of Barcelona, this is the place for you. Where:14 Passeig d'Isabel

Restaurant La Barceloneta 

Open since 1996, this restaurant has managed to establish itself as a benchmark in Barcelona, thanks to the quality of its seafood and paella, as well as its excellent service. Located in the Barceloneta district, it offers its guests a fantastic view of the port. All dishes, including desserts, are home made. Here, you will be delighted by scrumptious fresh seafood, paella and "arroz caldoso" (thick rice broth). Where: L'Escar 22

Restaurant Roig Robí

After 25 years of experience, this restaurant has emerged as a classic in Barcelona, where traditional Catalan cuisine has been combined with more modern tastes. Their stores are filled twice at day with seafood and fish direct from the port, and with meat from the Pyrenees and the Southern region of Huelva. A must here is the rice with artichokes and asparagus, as well as the paella with shrimps. Every dish you find on the menu is a delicious example of the owners’ overwhelming expertise in the kitchen. The general quality of the place is enhanced thanks to the delicate and careful service they provide in a completely renovated ambience. You'll be made welcome in this cosy restaurant, so relax and simply enjoy its superb food. Where: C / Seneca 20

Click here for a map of these restaurants' locations.

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    • Michael
      30 September 2013
      I was last summer in RoigRobi, it's an amazing restaurant and good food but a bit expensive, I was in La Tramoia, is cheaper and really good!

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