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Runner vs zombies in Barcelona

Zombie race in Barcelona

Runners vs Zombies en Barcelona Do you dream about zombie apocalypses? Congratulations! Barcelona is being infested by the zombie hordes… and there’s only two possible options: run or join them!

Next Saturday June 9th, Runners vs. Zombies is coming to Barcelona to set up an authentic “Carnicería en Collserola” (Carnage in Collserola). Get ready for a 5 km race, full of obstacles, in an area plagued by zombies. You’ll need a decent strategy as well as legpower to be able to reach it to the finishing line alive…

If you want to participate in Runners vs. Zombies Barcelona, sign up on the official website and find out if you’re going to be a putrid hunter or rapid prey. Each one of the groups has its own pros and cons, but both promise to be incredibly fun.

carreras de zombies en el bosqueRunners leave in turns. Each one is given a belt with three ribbons, each of which represents a life. Their objective is to race to be the first of their set, or at least to reach the finish line alive.

Zombies are grouped together in hordes, and their mission is to snatch as many lives as they can by ambushing runners. They should go properly dressed for the occasion, and with a layer of suppurating makeup. The zombie horde which manages to massacre the most runners conquers all. As we all know, zombies are unable to run, and, as strong as the zombie instincts are, no biting of runners is allowed!

After the zombie race in Barcelona, the fun will continue with various activities, which include make-up and special effects workshops, a zombie shooting gallery, music, videogames and much more. Run for your lives!

Practical information Runners vs. Zombies Barcelona 2012

carrera de zombies en BarcelonaWhere: Area de Lleure de Santa María de Vallvidrera, Parc de Collserola. There’s no parking in the area. It’s probably best to go by train and get off at the station aixador de Vallvidrera (Ferrocarril lines S1 and S2).

When: Saturday, June 9th. The morning race is at 11am and the afternoon race at 5pm. It’s advisable to arrive an hour before.

How much: € 15 for zombies and € 25 for runners. The price includes numberplates, belts with lives, bag of provisions, a t-shirt and prizes for the winners. Under-14s must show authorisation or be accompanied by an adult.

More information, details and all the rules of the race can be found on the official Runners vs. Zombies website.

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