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Apartment of the week in Barcelona – the Villa Victoria

Recommended villa in Barcelona

Friendly Rentals has been around in the Catalan capital a fair few years, and we’ve recommended a fair few Barcelona apartments in our time. The luxurious Villa Victoria, however, is in a class of its own. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own five-star hotel? Now you can find out... 

The Villa Victoria is what you get when you mix creativity, flair, attention to detail and good taste: comparable to a grown-up version of when you designed “my ideal house” in school. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, six large double bedrooms, mammoth terrace, pool table, 3D TV, bar… this property is short of nothing it’s got. This early 20th century, heritage-listed accommodation has also recently been completely refurbished, preserving its neoclassical style. The effect? Something like a film set, museum or hotel; but far more liveable.

Rental villa Barcelona

Short-rental luxury villa in central Barcelona

Even more surprisingly, this is not a rural property. Tucked away in the sophisticated Passeig de Maragall, you are in the upmarket north of the city, yet under half an hour from the city centre. Other attractions are even closer – the Sagrada Famila, for example, and the relatively undiscovered gem of Barcelona which is the Hospital St. Pau.

The Villa Victoria is the perfect choice for the sybarites among us. Indulge in uninhibited comfort, and discover Barcelona (a destination which sells itself) with all conveniences laid on. The Villa Victoria requires a special type of person to make the most of all there is on offer and fully enjoy its elegant surroundings. Are you up to the job?

Penelope - Marketing Team

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