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Water and the desserts take centre stage in this year’s Water Music Open-Air Festival in Berlin

Wassermusik 2011

At first glance a festival related to water with deserts as the central theme may seem a bit strange. However, if you think about it, where is water more important than where there is none to be found or it is difficult to find?

This year’s edition of Wassermusik (Water Music) will be dedicated to the world deserts and focusing on places where there is a severe shortage of water. Deserts, like any real or imaginary place, will be the central theme upon which all the conferences, talks, concerts, films and documentaries taking place from the 15th of July to the 6th of August in the German capital, will be based.

The feature length documentaries and fiction films screened this year in the Wassermusik, will be taking festival-goers on a journey to different desert areas around the world, following a moving musical introduction immersing them in the magical world of sand and dunes. The Thar in India, the Taklamakan and the Gobi in Asia, as well as the Sahara and Kalahari in Africa and Sonora dessert straddling the Mexican and US border, are some of the deserts that the festival will be focusing on.

Organised by the Haus der Culturen der Welt (House of World Cultures) on the banks of the River Spree, this festival that will be celebrating its 4th edition this year, comprises one of the most important cultural events in Berlin, in particular thanks to the quality and diversity of the programme on offer.  

Khaled, Tinariwen, Giant Sand and Amadou & Mariam, amongst other musicians and groups from all over the world are lined up to perform and offer a variety of sounds ranging from folk and jazz to pop, etc.

Deserts currently occupy a tenth of the world’s surface, a figure which is steadily increasing because of desertification. Head down to this festival so you can discover the sounds, music, landscape and what life is like in these areas.  

Laura - Marketing Team


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