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Recommended apartment in Bilbao

Apartment of the week in Bilbao: the Gran Via

Spain, as a country, is far bigger and more varied than you could ever imagine without seeing it for yourself. Alongside the stereotypes of paella and flamenco co-exist jewels like Bilbao, a jewel on the green northern coast of Spain, which is none of these things. For a different kind of summer holiday in Spain, then, this week we’d like to recommend an apartment in Bilbao.

It’s a little-known fact that the buildings in Bilbao were designed with the intention of attracting a more responsible kind of tourist to the city in mind, and the effect has been achieved – Bilbao is a sophisticated, laid-back city to spend time in, and was awarded the World City Prize in 2010. A unique mix of old and new, it's commonplace to come across eye-catching, internationally-celebrated modern architecture next door to Gothic churches. 

As well as feats of urban architecture, like the stately Plaza Nueva or the renowned Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is also naturally blessed with 18 parks, making it greener than you ever would have imagined Spain could be, as well as nearby beaches and the central artery of the river. 


Summer holiday apartment in Bilbao – the Gran Via (max. 6 people)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed curtains and elegant wrought-iron balconies of the picture-perfect city centre flats in Spain? This is your chance to find out. 

With everything from a dishwasher to your own small balcony on hand, the Gran Via accommodation manages to be stylish without being cold. The apartment has three comfortable bedrooms and three bathrooms, and its cosy, upmarket fittings and fixtures are impeccably maintained. 

Furthermore, this apartment in Bilbao is also in a very central area of the city, next to the “Golden Mile” of Bilbao’s most noteworthy shops, and where some of the most expensive real estate in the city is situated. Close to your home, you’ll find various local gems and tourist attractions; some hidden and others on full display. Despite this, it’s very reasonably priced, making this an excellent choice for a summer city break.


Penelope - Marketing Team

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