The Tastiest Argentinean Grills in Buenos Aires

Five Restaurants to get a Taste of Argentina in Buenos Aires

Comer parrilla argentina en Buenos AiresIf there is one thing which swells an Argentinean’s heart with pride, apart from Maradona and Messi of course, it's the quality of the local meat. Knowing how to prepare a good asado is a good enough reason to boast, knowing where to get a good parrillada in Buenos Aires is motive enough as well. When you’re hungry there is nothing better than a succulent piece of meat cooked slowly over the coals. 

In other posts we have spoken about the ever present mate and typical Argentinean food, now it is meats turn. The Parrillada Argentina, apart from the typical cuts for an asado (sirloin, flank, thin skirt, morcilla and chorizo) includes entrails (chitterlings, gizzard, kidneys…) potatoes, provolone cheese and vegetables. Usually served with salad and seasoned with chimichurri and criolla sauce. It goes without saying that there is a good bottle or two of Argentinean red to help the food go down. These are some of the best restaurants to have a typical Argentinean parrillada in Buenos Aires

La Parrilla 22, comer en Buenos AiresPARRILLA EL 22- With an interesting 1940s style decoration this Argentinean parrilla’s speciality is meat cooked over the coals and home made pasta. They have a good selection of wines at accessible prices. The meat comes served on a board with potato chips. The star dessert is tiramisu. Where: Guatemala 5600, Palermo. Tel: 4776-4659. 

Parrillas en Buenos Aires: La ChozaLA CHOZA- This homily restaurant featuring high ceilings and lots of wood is a fantastic place for for an Argentinean Asado. Their specialities are short ribs and rump which are prepared to perfection, the provoletas and the salads are also noteworthy. To finish we recommend the homemade flan. Traditional style cooking, good price to quality ratio and excellent service. Better to reserve. Where: Gascón 1701, Tel: 4833-3334 

Parrilla argentina Siga la VacaSIGA LA VACA-A boisterous restaurant which is perfect for dinner with friends, family or big groups.  Everything is included in the all you can eat buffet, perfect for those who want a nice long siesta after eating a parilla in Buenos Aires. The meat is of a good quality although the range isn’t as great as in other restaurants. IT is best to go early. Where: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1714, Puerto Madero. Buenos Aires. Tel: 4315-6801. 

Restaurante Porteña Buenos AiresLA PORTEÑA- Family atmosphere with an extensicve menu, this is another restuatrnt in Buenops Aires where you can eat succulent grilled meats and mixed kebabs. However the difference with other restaurants is the buffet style salad table which contains a wide range of delicious fresh salads. Dessert, there is only one worth having, the chocolate volcano. Where: Av. Fondo de la Legua, 290. Zona Norte, San Isidro. Tel: 4766-8535 Price: $150

Carne argentina: Cabaña las LilasCABAÑA LAS LILAS- Although it is not exactly cheap, it is one of the better restaurants in Buenos Aires to eat meat. Excellent service, an extensive wine list and a variety of different breads. Their speciality is the typical cuts of Argentinean meats, short ribs, skirt steak and rib eye fillet. The Pork medallion with fine herbs is also delicious. The perfect place for a special occasion or romantic dinner. Where: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516. Puerto Madero. Tel: 4313-1336 Price: $350.

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