Christmas in Buenos Aires

Christmas in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a magical destination that is perfect for celebrating Christmas. Don’t expect to find snow though, Christmas falls in the summer season here. The large fireplace won’t be necessary and the moose won’t be grazing in the backyard. Christmas in Buenos Aires is completely different, which makes it exiting and more adventurous.

The Christmas season in Buenos Aires kicks off on the 8th of December, although Christmas isn’t celebrated on this day, it is a national holiday. The days up to Christmas are mostly relaxed. People shop for presents and other traditional Christmas goods and shops are crowded. Christmas decorations and music are mostly represented in the shopping malls and stores. Christmas truly arrives on the 24th of December, which is a big feast. Even tough this day isn’t a national holiday, most companies will close and give their personnel a day off. On the 25th of December, a lot of traditional dishes are being eaten. Some traditional delights are Pionono (thin pastry rolled up with tuna salad), Roasted Chicken, Waldorf Salad, Stuffed Tomatoes, Beef and Chicken Matambre (cold meat rolled up with egg, pepper, ham, and other items), and Vitel Thone (slices of beef with a creamy sauce on top). The feast is often washed down by pop, wine, champagne, sparkling cider, and beer.

At midnight the children have to be distracted while Santa brings the presents and puts them underneath the Christmas tree. Afterwards, the family will come together to open up the presents and eat sweets. The evening ends with a lot of firework and Champaign. The families that don’t have firework themselves will watch the others while drinking a glass of bubbles. The 26th is a really mellow day. Families will eat the leftovers from the night before and relax to get rid of the hangover.

Do you want to experience this whole different Christmas? Buenos Aires is the perfect location for you. The locals have their own way of celebrating and they will surprise you with their hospitality. Book one of our fabulous apartments in Buenos Aires and experience a memorable Christmas!

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