The three best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most important destinations in South America, for its architecture, culture and food. Why? Because who hasn’t heard about their excellent meat, their delicates dishes originating from Italy, and their yummy deserts? In the legendary districts of Recoleta, Palermo, and San Telmo there are an abundance of Italian, French, and Spanish restaurants thus reflecting how cosmopolitan a city Buenos Aires is.
However, on your travels to Buenos Aires, a visit to its abundance of restaurants is a must, with their grill bars/restaurants and excellent meats. Not all of them offer the best of the typical Buenos Aires food, thus here is a little guide including some of the best typical Argentinean restaurants in the city centre.

The three best restaurants in Buenos Aires

El Baqueano

In the San Telmo district, on 495 Calle Chile and Bolivar, situated right in the heart of San Telmo, is the El Baqueano restaurant that offers an exquisite tasting menu comprising 7 courses that they update every week, in accordance with the season and the products available, in their search for the highest quality cuisine.

Thus, here you can try the most exotic meat dishes in Argentina such as rhea (ostrich like bird), lamb, llama, alligator, crayfish, pheasant, partridge, quail, rabbit, hare, wild boar, as well as all sorts of fresh fish such as shellfish, and other products native of Argentinean territories such as new potatoes, sprouts, baby lettuce, mushrooms, cheeses, and regional sweets, country sausages and cold meat, and the best of the regions wine producing industry for a very peculiar but delicious menu, where diners can try the enormous variety of authentic Argentinean food.

In a quiet and welcoming atmosphere, where the meat is very skillfully prepared and presented in the most original fashion, this restaurant comprises a highly recommended option for those that love innovative cuisine, and for their meat, and combination of ingredients. All this, and more with attentive staff that excel for their attention and care to detail.

Estrebe restaurant

Located in the Recoleta district, on 2475 Calle Peña, you will find another excellent alternative in Buenos Aires comprising the Estrebe restaurant, where you will find exported young bull’s meat, stuffed chicken, pork and beef loin, as well as some really tasty salads. You have to try their homemade desserts such as their Brownie served warm with meringue, and caramel and American cream soda flavour ice cream served with warm chocolate.

You are not only spoilt with their choice of meats on offer but also the pleasant atmosphere that reigns in this charming restaurant making you feel perfectly at home, where it is possible to find cuts that are difficult to find, and where they stand out for their pleasant service and quality of the food served. Definitely a must- visit if you would like to try some of the best grilled food in Buenos Aires.

Maipú restaurant

Once again located in the San Telmo district, on 451 Avenida San Juan, is the Maipu restaurant where you can try special Maipú pork based dishes (a region in Argentina) such as chorizo, black pudding, pork loin, cured pork, grilled meat, grilled ribs, beef chorizo (boneless ribs), and loin steak, in addition to meat pies, and homemade pasta dishes with special sauces made in the restaurant.

All the meat is grilled to perfection and sold at a reasonable price. Delicious! Try some of the best meats in Buenos Aires in a very simple but pleasant atmosphere with excellent service that will make you come back again and again to try the fabulous dishes from their extensive menu abundant in excellent products typical of Argentinean gastronomy.



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