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Istanbul Shopping Fest 2012

Istanbul Shopping Festival in June

If shopping in Istanbul is big business, the Istanbul Shopping Fest 2012 is set to be huge. With a growing economy and investment of 50 m lira from Turkish airlines, the 2012 edition of the Istanbul Shopping Fest is sure to be a wallet-busting success. Not only will Istanbul Fest feature promotions, prizes, discounts and extended opening hours, there’ll be a host of other special activities on offer as well.

With the lofty goals of attracting 1.5 m tourists to the event by 2015 and making Istanbul the “shopping, culture and entertainment centre of the world”, the Istanbul Shopping Fest is an opportunity to witness the modern side of this emerging city. Shopoholics, get ready - you’ll also benefit from a unique opportunity to pick up some fantastic bargains from top-name designers.

This year, the Istanbul shopping centres will be opening their doors to concerts, shows, street festivals, live music and fashion shows. In keeping with Istanbul’s cosmopolitan reputation, greater emphasis will be placed on fashion shows coming from abroad. Each week, on both the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, one Istanbul shopping centre will stay open all night, allowing you to make the most of the bargains on offer and the party atmosphere. The Istanbul Shopping Festival will also be taking to the streets in typical Turkish theatrical style, with prizes for the lucky and street carnival groups for all.

An optimistic celebration of the city’s increased prosperity rather than soulless worship at the altar of commercialism, the Istanbul Shopping Fest 2012 will impact hundreds of stores. The Istanbul Shopping Fest is a world away from the traditional street markets, but gives an equally interesting, diverse and authentic impression of the city.

Official dates for the Istanbul Shopping Fest 2012 have been announced as the 9th to the 29th of June, with a grand opening ceremony being held on the 8th June. Customers have been promised more information about discounts on the Istanbul Shopping Fest 2012 website soon.

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