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Recommended apartment in Lisbon

The Panorama Santos apartment, Lisbon, is our favourite apartment of the week.

A sophisticated European capital, with heaps of charm and a lot of heart. Does it surprise you that we’re talking about Lisbon? One of the most underrated cities in Europe, Lisbon is old-world architecture, history and elegance. Furthermore, it has a personal touch and lack of snobbery that other major cities don’t, and a warmth that’s expressed in the simple, homely excellence of its cuisine; the roar of its bars, where people frequently spill out onto the streets; in its music and in the down-to-earth nature of its people.

Yes, here at Friendly Rentals we’re some of Lisbon’s biggest fans, and for this reason this week we turn to our top apartment in Lisbon. And for this time-honoured title, this time round what could be better than a Lisbon apartment that allows you to see – quite literally – every side of this splendid city?

Short-rental Lisbon apartment for up to 6 people

The Panorama Santos apartment is a Lisbon apartment with a difference. Situated in the top of a 19th-century building with an all-glass turret, the observatory of your apartment affords 360º views of Lisbon (don’t worry, you benefit from a lift as well). As such, you can keep an eye on famous Lisbon landmarks such as the castle, the river and the city’s old quarter, and feel as though you’re truly a part of the city’s goings-on without having to leave the comfort of your home.

The comfort of your home, we might add, means very comfortable indeed. Although temperatures in Lisbon are not particularly extreme, you’ve got both central heating and fans should you need them. Your flat is cosy and stylish – think luxurious wooden floors, oriental rugs and comfortable beds.

Situated in the trendy area of Santos, close to the river, you’re just twenty minutes on foot from the central Praça do Comércio (as well as other attractions), and as close to the renowned Bairro Alto as you can be and still get a good night’s sleep.

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