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London Olympic medal count (II)

London Olympic medal count (II)

Once again, we’re kicking off Monday in Friendly Rentals by giving a quick recap of the London 2012 Olympic medal count.  

The Olympic Games this year have been some of the most exciting ever. Various Olympic and international records have been broken, especially under the water (we’ve seen no less than 9 new worldwide swimming records) and on the track in athletics. The medal count, however, remains on the whole unchanged with respect to last week’s…

Monday, August 6th

China has keopt inside the headlines with a total of 61 medals and hot on their tail in second place are the United States. The athletes of the United Kingdom are also advancing during these final days and have given a good jump-start to their medal count.
All that’s left is to see what happens during the final days… Will China remain unbeatable, or will their place of honour on the Olympic podium be snatched by the North Americans? Who will you bet for?

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