The Strangest Museums in London

 Four of London's Strangest Museums

The British Museum, National Galley, Tate Modern are some of the museums London is famous for. But what about the other hidden and unexplored side of the city, the one which is off the well worn tourist path, the dark and fascinating London which few people take the time to discover? Today we invite you to join us we take you on a journey to some of London’s strangest and most fascinating museums

Old Operating Theatre LondonThe Old Operating Theatre, Museum Herb Garret- In the attic of the St. Thomas Church in South London is a Victorian Era operating theatre. At this tiny museum you can get to see firsthand how operations were performed in the past. Before the advent of an effective anesthetic in 1847, operations were performed very quickly and not without a lot of pain and suffering. This museum was often a medical student’s first and sometimes last exposure to an operation. Where: 9a St. Thomas St. Open: Mon-Sun 10:30am-5pm. Admission: Adults £6.50, 16 and Under £3.50

 Sherlock Holmes Museum LondonSherlock Holmes Museum- Finding this museum shouldn’t be a puzzling riddle for fans of Sherlock Holmes since it can be found at his residence, 221B Baker St. London. Inside this three story Victorian house the residence of Sherlock Holmes has been faithfully reconstructed with period furniture and decoration. On the top floor is a n interesting collection of wax sculptures. A definite must for fans of Sherlock Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr Watson. Where: 221B Baker St, London. Open: 9:30am-6pm. Admission: Adults £8, 16 and Under £5.

Hunterian Museum LondonHunterian Museum-Another quirky London Museum.  Dedicated to surgical science it is full of all kinds of interesting preserved specimens ranging from human organs to limbs and everything and anything related to the human body in-between. Whilst the museum and attached library are primarily aimed at medical students it is a fascinating visit for anyone who wants to see something different. Where: Royal College of Surgeons, 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Open: Tues-Sat 10am-5pm. Admission: Free 

Ripleys LondonRipley’s Believe it or not- Yet another strange London Museum. Ripley was an anthropologist whose interest was collecting strange objects and even stranger stories. Today there are more than 30 of Ripley’s museums scattered around the world. The collection at his museum in London includes shrunken heads, a car covered in Swarovski crystals, stuffed animals, instruments of torture and models made out of matchsticks. Where: The London Pavillion, 1 Piccadilly Circus. Open: Mon-Sun 10am-12am Admission: Adult £26.95, Children 4-15 £19.95

These are just some of the many strange museums in London. Do you have a favourite that is not on the list? 

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