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Enjoy coffee in Milan

Try the best coffee in Milan

More than 100 years have passed since Luigi Bezzera invented the first espresso machine, thus achieving a quicker way of preparing a stronger café. Ever since then, not a day has gone by in Italy where visitors and locals haven’t been able to enjoy a good coffee.

First thing in the morning, with breakfast, after eating, at breaktime… is the perfect companion when taking a break during your time in the city. There are many ways of preparing coffee and it won’t take long for you to find out that the Milan waiting-on staff are experts in the art of making this delicious beverage and will serve you a strong, black and aromatic coffee.

Here are our suggestions for enjoying some of the best coffee in Milan.

GRAN CAFFÈ CIMMINO (2, Via Larga) – Situated nearby Milan Cathedral (el Duomo),this café and pastry shop always serves coffee with a glass of water, in line with Italian tradition, which you can drink before tasting the coffee. More sweet-toothed clients can enjoy their delicious homemade Neapolitan pastries.

CAFFÈ SAN CARLO - (15, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) – This elegant and quiet bar, specialising in coffee, also offers a small selection of homemade pastries and ice-cream. There is always a picture in the cappuccino foam and the coffee is always served with a little cream.  

VIARENNA (4, Piazza 24 Maggio) – This is the perfect place for planning your day in Milan and having a good coffee accompanied by their famous croissants which have made this café the popular place that it is. Throughout the day, they also serve deserts, pastries, canapés and all kinds of snacks.

CHOCOLAT (9,Via Boccaccio) – The land of homemade chocolate, deserts and ice-cream. An establishment that all chocolate addicts can not miss out on when they find themselves in Milan. Having a coffee here, accompanied by a big piece of chocolate to refuel, is highly recommended.

FIORAIO BIANCHI (7, Via Montebello) – Previously a florist, it is a romantic little café never lacking flowers and music, and a great place to take refuge, have a coffee and indulge in some cupcakes. They also serve food. And remember, if you like flowers, you can buy some there.

To make it easier and so you don’t have any problems asking for exactly what you want whilst you’re in Milan, here is a small glossary. These are the most typical Italian coffees:

Caffè (espresso) - An expresso. Strong, aromatic and served on its own.

Caffè ristretto – A small coffee. Very concentrated with maximum flavour and low caffeine content.

Caffè lungo – Long coffee obtained by letting more water run through the coffee machine. It has a smoother taste and contains more caffeine than normal as the same coffee grounds are used for longer.

Caffè americano – This is a long coffee that has nothing to do with an espresso. It is prepared with lots of water as if it was an infusion.

Caffè macchiato– Small white coffee. Coffee with a small amount of milk or foam on top.

Latte macchiato – Hot and foamy milk with a small shot of coffee served in a tube glass.

Cappuccino – Milky coffee topped with thick foam and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Marocchino – Coffee with hot chocolate at the base of the coffee cup and milk foam on top, dusted with cocoa powder.

Caffè corretto – Liqueur coffee. Coffee with a shot of liquor.

Caffè decaffeinato – Decaffeinated coffee.

Caffè shakerato- Very popular in summer. It is prepared by mixing coffee, crushed ice and sugar syrup.

Caffè d’orzo – Roasted barley coffee. It’s not really coffee and it has a different taste.



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