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FNO 2012 in New York

Fashion Night out 2012

FNO, or “Fashion Night Out” is a worldwide shopping event. FNO 2012 in New York will be held on September 6th, from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Bored of the recession, high unemployment rates and stagnant economies? FNO 2012 could be a part of the answer, in more ways than one. Fashion Night Out, which is in effect a late-night shopping marathon, was originally launched in New York by Vogue magazine in 2009 in the hope of directly injecting some cash into the ailing economy.

Not just simply a capitalist free-for-all, Fashion Night Out also encourages donating a part of profits to charity. The charity of choice of FNO NY 2012 is the New York City AIDS fund, although retailers may donate to any charity they choose or not at all. Proceeds from the official Fashion Night Out 2012 collection, sold on the night, will also go to the charity.

The gloves can go back on, because unlike other fashion events, Fashion Night Out does not rely on discounts to bring in the punters. Instead, stores are relied upon to create their own events to bring customers in and encourage them to open their wallets. To give you an idea of what’s coming up in FNO 2012, last year’s programme included food, cocktails, photography, catwalks, stylists and dance-offs.

As well as the original FNO in New York, eighteen other countries will also be participating in the event, in cities including Florence, Lisbon, Mexico City and Kaohsiung. New Fashion Night Out destinations are springing up all the time, so if your city’s not listed on the official site keep your eyes open for future events.

Anna Wintour goes shopping for economic success… it’s a curious idea, but sometimes its the most unexpected activities and people that can have a positive effect. Do you think Fashion Night Out will help boost the economy? Or even if not, is it worth it to have an excuse to go shopping anyway? Let us know in the comments box below…


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