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What to do at night in Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy has an abundance of monuments fruit of its imperial past, in addition to numerous restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream parlours, and cafés……but, what’s going on with the nightlife there? To shed some light on this we would like to recommend a couple of bars in Rome where you can dance, have a refreshing drink, or simply relax whilst having a beer or a coffee.

Situated in the trendiest district of Rome, the club Goa is one of the trendiest bars that you can find in the Italian capital. With its modern décor, it offers the latest in electronic music thanks to the most prestigious DJs on the Italian and international music scene. The setting could not be more attractive as the bar comprises a combination of iron and steel with a 60s style that makes it suitable for all tastes. With the aim of bringing the public of Rome closer to the most illustrious on the European electronic music scene, the club Goa organises electronic music nights where the best DJs and their party goers are the absolute protagonists, in a bar that will make you want to dance until the late hours or early hours of the morning, depending on how much energy you have, and how much you want to dance.

However, if what you would like to do is enjoy a light meal based on raw type sushi products, salads or any other culinary work of art to then proceed to enjoying a night of exceptional DJs in an unique setting…….then head down to the Crudo in Rome. Here, as well as being able enjoy the delicious food, you can admire the interior art installations, including furnishings bordering on 60s and 70s style, as well as enjoy an excellent cocktail, then dance to the rhythm of the most chilled out DJs in the city in a very authentic atmosphere in their lounge-bar.

If what you prefer is a more relaxed atmosphere in a more authentic and unique bar, then bar Etabil is the place for you. Situated right in the heart of Rome, the Etabil is located in a 17th century building, decorated with southern France antiques, like Provencal tables, wrought iron lamps, and comfortable leather sofas, magazines and international newspapers thus making it an ideal place to relax whilst enjoying a cocktail, or a delicious Italian wine and submersing yourself in the inviting Rome nightlife.

Here is a map of Rome where you can find the bars that we are recommending so that you have the best nights out in this enchanting city.

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