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Clothing boutiques in Rome

If Rome has anything, obviously bar from its architectural heritage, and its antiquities….it has its numerous vintage shops and second hand markets that fill the city and set it apart from the rest. As we already know that they love this style, and that they are passionate about vintage fashion, we would like to suggest a couple of shops where you can find clothes of this nature, which is of excellent quality and of course originating from Rome.

Le Gallinelle boutique situated in the Monti district and more specifically on Via del Boschetto 76, is a little goldmine for exquisite vintage, and tasteful clothing and accessories. In this shop, bearing the odd name ´Gallinelle`, meaning hen you can find items ranging from vintage Gucci bags to Valentino belts and a wide variety of quality accessories selected by the owner of the shop, Wilma Silvestre, fashion lover and expert. Curiously enough, as well as referring to farmyard animals, the name of this boutique also refers to the marble counter embossed with the image of the animal that is a reference to Pleiades, a star cluster whose name in Greek means dove.

Located close to the church of Santa María Sopra Minerva, you will find the Le ´Tartaughe` or the Tortoise in English that offers in its small but elegant space collections created by the owner, the designer Susana Liso. The name of the boutique was carefully picked as in Asiatic cultures, this animal is a symbol of spirituality and good luck, and this influence is demonstrated in certain designs that can be found in her shop. However, her designs range from formal dresses, and formal wear to casual clothing and haut couture, and all without forfeiting or losing a shred of originality but without being too garish. If you love accessories then head down to the boutique on No. 33, located on the same street that specialises in these attractive accessories and that through these clothes, in the very words of the owner and designer, “women are able to express their different moods that are not monolithic or stable throughout the day.”

If what you prefer is style denominated in fashion circles as boho-chic, a happy-go-lucky combination ranging between bohemio-hippy and elegance, then head down to the Arsenale boutique located on calle Governo Vecchio, 64. The owner, Patrizia Pieroni is the designer of the clothing displayed and sold in the boutique, and achieves a harmonising wealth of colours and materials that don’t end up looking too garish or dull. Instead she achieves captivating clothes and accessories with their pink, lilac with orange, green, off-white, burgundy, and pallid colours. This natural style is by no means casual, and a good combination of colours, garments, and accessories is necessary. In the Arsenale boutique, you will find a variety of natural style clothing but that is not too simple to not be classed as colourful.

And while we’re on the subject of shops, the second hand clothing market, La Soffitta Sotto i Portici, that takes place in Piazza Augusto Imperatore twice a month is definitely worth a mention. More than 100 collectors display their articles that range from collectors articles to not so antique goods such as watches and furnishing. Because you never know what you might find in one of these markets, so take a look around and at least admire the most typical Italian articles on the Rome second hand clothing market.

Click here to find out exactly where our recommended shops are located in Rome.

Claudia – Marketing Team

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