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Celebrate a traditional Christmas in Rome

Rome at Christmas

Christmas is without a doubt our favourite time of year, as you may have noticed. Everywhere is decorated, adorned and lit up to mark this festive season, and many places celebrate with an all-out party, whilst others celebrate the Christmas season with a more family orientated approach. Some you of may prefer more popular destinations to spend your New Year such as New York, London, and Paris which are fabulous destinations, however cities such as enchanting Seville, and beautiful Florence comprise some of our favourite places to visit during this festive season. And, Rome is no exception. Imagine spending Christmas in a city with festive decorations ands lights adorning the remnants of its imperial past, because Rome at Christmas is as equally stunning and the atmosphere dominating the city so enchanting thus, this holiday season we recommend that you take a trip to Rome if what you would like to do is celebrate a family and traditional Christmas this year. Here are some things you can do as well during your visit to this Italian city;

Piazza Navona Christmas Market

A popular choice for many is the Piazza Navona Christmas Market, which has everything you need as there are an abundance of stalls selling a wide variety of festive goods including the components for your own nativity scene, sweets and treats, wooden toys, all sorts of Christmas related ornaments and goodies, seasonal food and Italian cuisine including torrone (nougat bar with almonds and honey), and some great gift ideas. Furthermore, this market comprising Rome’s biggest and most traditional Christmas market, and taking place from the 26th of November to the 6th of January, is home to the spectacular Fountain of the Moor, and the Fountain of Neptune, and is surrounded by some famous roman architecture. In addition, there are various events in and around la piazza throughout the Christmas period. Kids (and not so big kids) can meet Santa Claus, see nativity scenes, have a go on the merry-go-round, and browse the stalls for Christmas goodies. Definitely something to put on your to-do-list during your time in Rome.

Lights, Ice Skating and Roasted Chestnuts

Another traditional winter activity is ice-skating and Rome has plenty of rinks catering for this rather festive sport. You can skate upon the ice under the gaze of Sant’Angelo in Piazza Adrian where there’s also a small Christmas market, practise your techniques on the Sottozero rink in Parco della Musica Auditorium to some lively music, shop til’ you drop then going skating on the Granai on ice rink located outside the Granai shopping centre, or finally check out the Ice Park in Piazza Re di Roma where there are also wooden stands offering gifts and selling refreshments such as hot chocolate to nicely warm you up during the winter period. You can also admire the fabulous decorations adorning the city, and buy roasted chestnuts from vendors lining the streets for that added festive feel.

New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

San Silvestro e Il Capodanno or New Year’s Eve and Day is a major celebration in Rome, and comprises the centre of all New Year’s celebrations in Italy. Many flock to the Piazza del Popolo to see in the New Year with a free rock and music concert and fireworks display, which again is the largest and most impressive in Italy going on for an entire hour. Some people add to the fun with home-grown pyrotechnics, and flying spumante corks (Italian sparkling wine). Another popular place to welcome in the New Year is Piazza Navona, as well as the banks of the river where people sit and drink champagne whilst admiring the fireworks. New Year’s Day is more for the children as they are entertained in the squares by performers and acrobats.

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