Apartments near the cathedral in Seville

Apartments in Seville near the Giralda

Seville is a fantastic place to visit during the cold winter months. Its avenues full of life, the warm afternoon sun, its gardens, the Guadalquivir river crossing the streets…..everything in Seville just invites you to relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday as a family or with your friends.

One of the most spectacular areas in Seville, when Christmas and the New Year approach, is the historical centre of the city. The shop windows on Avenida de la Constitución (main shopping avenue) are decorated for the festive season and Plaza Nueva is prepared for hundreds of people who gather there to eat their 12 grapes and welcome in the New Year. And, of course we can’t forget about the lovely cathedral. Seville Cathedral hosts many celebrations over Christmas, the most important comprising the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (8th of December) and Christmas Eve.

The Cathedral is one of the most iconic monuments in Seville. Particularly famous for the Giralda tower and Patio of the Oranges, it is built upon an old mosque. The Giralda was built imitating the minaret of a Marrakech mosque and its name comes from the verb “girar” (to turn), and means weather vane. It is one of the city’s icons.

So that you can fully appreciate the city’s beauty and so that you are in the nerve centre of the Christmas and autumn activities in Seville, we would like to recommend some apartments in Seville situated nearby to the cathedral.

The Cathedral I studio and the Cathedral II apartment are only 50m away from Seville Cathedral and a mere walking distance from Avenida de la Constitucion, one of the main shopping streets in the city of the Guadalquivir. Both have lovely balconies from where you can admire Seville and take in the atmosphere.

The Mariscal II apartment, that sleeps 6 people, is located on a pedestrian street also nearby to Seville Cathedral and the Real Alcazar gardens. It is a very cosy and pleasant apartment with simple and modern décor.

The Vinuesa apartment, which is spacious and bright, is also perfected located nearby to the cathedral and Giralda. It is a new apartment, fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy some festive holidays in Seville.

Now you know what there is, you’re the only thing missing! Treat yourself to something different this year and buy a trip to Seville this Christmas.

Laura - Marketing Team

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