Apartments close to Plaza Nueva in Seville

Apartments close to Plaza Nueva in Seville

As mentioned previously, Seville at Christmas is just stunning, as the centre, buildings, and orange trees lining the main street Avenida de la Constitucion are adorned, decorated and spectacularly lit up in honour of this festive holiday season, and the Sevillians celebrate this season the only way they know how, with a family fiesta and lots of good food. In addition, to all this lovely Christmas preparations there are numerous events and traditional celebrations taking place such as the Nativity Fair, parties and churros at the New Year, Kings Day, and the Cirque Style Balagan coming to town this January meaning that its going to be a long festive season this year. There is one place in particular that is the focal point of all these festive activities and that is Plaza Nueva where the City Hall is situated, and where many locals and visitors alike gather together with their grapes to see in the New Year.

Not only is it the nerve centre for many activities including the Antique Book Fair which recently took place, the gathering place for the New Year, the chosen location for many strikes and demonstrations, and situated right in the centre of the main shopping avenues in Seville, it is located two minutes away from Seville Cathedral and the Giralda, in addition to a short walking distance away from the party district Alameda, the Prado Bus Station and Maria Luisa Park if you fancy taking a trip to other small towns such as Carmona, and finally the Remedios district just across the Guadalquivir River where they hold their annual Spring Festival.

Recommended apartments close to the Plaza Nueva in Seville

Seville is truly lovely at Christmas so if you would like to take advantage of what this enchanting city has to offer, then we would like to suggest a few apartments located close to Plaza Nueva in Seville so you can fully enjoy the Andalusian capital’s festive offerings this Christmas season. Whether you are visiting with your family and friends, or coming on a romantic getaway with your partner we have the perfect apartment for you that will ensure you spend your time in the Andalusian capital in maximum comfort, whilst giving you all the freedom to explore the city as and when you please. Thus, our recommended apartments close to the Plaza Nueva comprise the Museo III and the Museo IV among others.

These apartments are excellently located because you are at walking distance away from Plaza Nueva, the Cathedral and Giralda amongst other renaissance style architecture and buildings, the main shopping avenues in the city centre including Avenida de la Constitución, a pleasant distance away from the Alameda district where you can go out, and the bus station if you fancy a day trip out of Seville.

Furthermore, all our stylish and elegant apartments close to Plaza Nueva in Seville are fully equipped with all the amenities that you require on your holidays in the city, including central heating should the weather get a bit nippy (don’t be fooled because it’s Seville), and a TV and DVD player for you to relax in front of following your wanderings around the city’s festive offerings. In addition, they all have fully equipped kitchens should you like to cook one of your favourite dishes, and if you don’t fancy popping down to one of the many restaurants and bars on your doorstep offering typical regional and homemade cuisine accompanied by some delicious orange wine or beer (Cruz Campo), as well as some international variations.

Finally, our recommended apartments are located just a few minutes walk away from the beautiful Maria Luisa Park where you can enjoy a quiet stroll though the expansion of gardens in the evening, the Guadalquivir River where you can admire the Torre de Oro (Gold Tower) stunningly lit up at night, and the Real Alcazar (Mudejar Palace), in addition to the other districts in Seville such as Remedios, Macarena, and Alameda, and Seville’s offering in the way of nightlife all at a comfortable walking distance.

All excellent choices for a pleasant stay in the Andalusian capital, and located close to Plaza Nueva right in the heart of Seville.

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