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Whale and Dolphin watching in Tarifa with Turmares, Cadiz

Tarifa is renowned for its fabulous weather, great food, and water sports thanks to its stunning beaches with crystal clear waters bordering the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, this charming town can also boast of a wide variety of marine life, which visitors have the chance to see with the Turmares

Whale and dolphin watching

This company offers animal lovers the chance to ride in a glass-bottom boat and do a spot of sea tourism. They will take you all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar on board their various boats where you will sail through waters between two continents to observe its unique living marine ecosystem and more importantly observe the most majestic animals that reside in the sea, whales and dolphins.

The area that they take you to comprises an important bird migration route and a fishing ground for killer, orca and sperm whales, which you will able admire during the summer months. Visitors will also be able to catch a glimpse of our fishy friends, the dolphins including the common, Bottlenose, and Striped species, in addition to the Pilot Whale which visit this side of the ocean all year round.

Finally, this boat trip comprises a learning experience for lucky sea-goers as there will guides on Biology on board who will there to answer your questions and satisfy your marine animal curiosity. Plus, there is at least a 90% probability that you will come across these graceful creatures so you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. A fabulous family day out and even better if you rent an apartment in Tarifa so you can thoroughly enjoy these marine activities at your leisure.

Practical information

Dates: All year round (weather permitting). Click here for further information.

Times: Daily trips. 

Address:Avda. Alcalde Juan Nuñez, 3 Tarifa – Cádiz, Spain

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Adults 30 euro, children 20 euro, free for 3 years and under, 15% for groups between 6 and 20 passengers, and 20% discount for 20 passengers or more. Click here for further information.  

Contact details: Phone: (34) 956680741,  Mobile: +(34) 696448347, Fax: (34) 956680741.

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