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Formula 1 European Grand Prix 2012

F1 European Grand Prix 2012 in Valencia

Next Sunday 24th of June, the 2012 Formula 1 European Grand Prix will be celebrated in Valencia. Lovers of speed and strong emotions at the ready!

The track has been developed on the spectacular Valencia Street Circuit. Its route, which is more than 5 kilometres long, weaves through the city's port and streets, and alongside the sea. It also includes some emblematic buildings, such as those used for the pit stops and the Paddock Club VIP area, which were constructed in the 19th century. Perfect for enjoying the adrenalin rush of Formula 1 in luxury!

The European Grand Prix in Valencia is one of a series of races which counts towards the Formula 1 World Championship. With almost 2 decades behind it, this competition had previously taken place on different international circuits. In 2008, it came to Valencia for the first time, where it will remain until at least 2015.

Although a definitive programme has still to be confirmed, this year practices and qualifiers will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June, and the race will take place on Sunday 24th June at 2pm.


The Valencia Street Circuit has 4 different grandstands from which to hear the roar of the motors and enjoy the competition: the Principal Area, the Malvarrosa Area, the Nazaret Area and the Grao Area. Prices vary according to the position and day, oscilating between 25 € and 390 €. There’s also a weekend ticket available, which covers all 3 days. Tickets can be bought via the Valencia Street Circuit website.

The circuit consists of a total of 57 laps, during which the drivers will reach vertiginous speeds. German Sebastian Vettel was the GP champion in Valencia last year: will he be able to repeat his victory this year? Let the betting begin…

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