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Apartment of the week in Valencia, the Schubert I

Apartment of the week in Valencia, the Schubert I

Although the Fallas will officially be kicking off on the 15th of March, the truth is the festivities and deafening noises are already starting. Therefore, a festive spirit should be reigning over Valencia and affecting everything in this event that is a must on the locals and students' agendas.

Valencia before and during the Fallas is like another city, full of cheer, incessant noises, fireworks, and people who want to have a real good time. Therefore, you simply have to visit Valencia whilst this important and entertaining event is taking place. If you really want to enjoy yourself during the Fallas then we recommend that you rent our apartment of the week in Valencia, which is the Schubert I.

The Schubert I apartment in Valencia is well-located being only two minutes away from the Valencia City Hall and historic centre of the city. All the Valencia tourist sites can be found just a few minutes away from the Schubert I apartment such as the cathedral, the market, the Botanic Gardens, the Valencia Modern Art Museum (IVAM), and the Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MUVIM), etc.

With regards to the apartment, it has just recently been entirely renovated giving rise to a classic, comfortable and spacious apartment, as well as well-lit, with a warm and pleasant design. It sleeps 4 people and has a spacious living-dining room and a perfectly equipped kitchen with everything you need to eat at home if that is what you would like to do.

The Schubert I apartment has an exterior and well-lit bedroom, which is separated from the salon by a glass door, in addition to an en-suite bathroom, and it has all the commodities including a TV, DVD, towels, and clean and fresh sheets making this a very modern and pleasant apartment where you won't have to worry about a thing on your holidays in Valencia during the Fallas. In addition, the Schubert has a narrow but long balcony from where you can admire the Plaza del Tossal.

So, if you would like to fully enjoy this cracking event in Valencia then there is nothing better than enjoying the Fallas in our apartment of the week, the Schubert I in Valencia.


Claudia - Marketing Team

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    • manosonia20
      25 May 2011
      Great Article Valencia is so beautiful place for vacation and apartment looking so beautiful i just want to live here. Thanks

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