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Apartment of the week in Valencia: the Alberti

Recommended short-rental accommodation in Valencia

Thinking of holidays in Valencia is feeling the romance of a mild summer breeze on your skin, hearing people laughing in tapas bars, seeing the colourful façades of the buildings, a sweet slurp of orxata. Full of history and old-world charm (as well as a thriving nightlife), Valencia has one of the most extensive old quarters in Spain, and is resplendent with oranges trees and stately courtyards. As a plus, it’s convenient to get to, well-connected to other Spanish cities and close to the beach.

Whether you’re attracted to Valencia because of its cultural assets, its effervescent (and world-renowned) party scene or even just the Tomatina (tomato fight) in August, there’s no doubt that renting an apartment in Valencia is a great summer choice.

Accommodation in Valencia – the Alberti Apartment

This is where we come in with our weekly suggested apartment. Not for nothing does the Alberti accommodation have an average user rating of 9.7. This flat is one of the most genuinely comfortable spaces we’ve been in. With twin beds in each of the two bedrooms, squidgy white sofas, a bookshelf and an enormous TV, you can spend the rare moments you want to stay inside in perfect tranquillity. You also benefit from air-conditioning and decent-sized windows, meaning you can wake up to the glorious Valencian sun every day without breaking a sweat.

As well as the flat itself, the Alberti apartment has several important things going for it. The price – minimum € 17 per night – won’t break the bank (or even dent it). The owner, Roberto, is welcoming and friendly (he actually used to live here). A laptop is available for use.

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Most importantly in enabling your discovery of the city, however, the location of this flat is prime. Perfectly situated in the old quarter, you’re just a ten minute walk from attractions such as the Valencia Cathedral. So, although it might be tempting, don’t spend all your time at home – get out, breathe in the Valencian atmosphere and enjoy the city for all it’s worth. One word of advice: don’t eat the Valencian oranges, or at least not the ones on the trees in the city (try them and you'll find out why)…

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