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An evening walk through Venice

An evening walk through Venice

In Venice, there are many bars where you are guaranteed to stumble upon a cosy and romantic evening setting. We have provided a list of some bars which are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Harry's Bar

Although the name is neither Italian nor romantic, this is one of the most famous bars in Venice. Harry's Bar is best known for the ‘Bellini’, a cocktail consisting of Italian Prosecco and white grape juice. This cocktail was first served by Giuseppe Cipriani, who is the man behind setting up Harry's Bar.

Delicious food is also served.

Where does the name “Harry's Bar” come from?

As we mentioned earlier, this is not a name you would typically expect from an Italian Restaurant / Bar. Behind the name, therefore, must also be some kind of story: Giuseppe Cipriani was a bartender in Hotel Europe in Venice. Here, he met frequent visitor to the hotel bar Harry Pickering. Harry Pickering came from a wealthy family and had vast quantities of cash to splash, which he often spent at the Hotel Europe bar. After a while, Giuseppe noted that Harry Pickering had increasingly stopped coming. He asked why this was, and Harry Pickering replied that the stipend he received from his family was coming to an end: they felt he was drinking his riches away. The formerly wealthy customer was without money. In a generous move, Cipriani decided to give him a loan of around $ 5,000. Two years later, Pickering returned to Hotel Europe, where Cipriani was still working as a bartender. Pickering returned the original quantity Cipriani had lent him, as well as a hefty $ 40,000 on top. "So you can open your own bar", Pickering said to Cipriani. And to this day, the bar is still called "Harry's Bar”.

San Marco 1323
30124 Venice

Caffe Aurora

This venue is located in the Piazza San Marco. By day, it is a cosy cafe where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. In the evening, the café comes to life and DJ's put on a varied mix of (mainly) dance and lounge music.

Piazza San Marco 48-50
Venice 30124

B Bar

For lovers of the cocktail, we present the B Bar. From Wednesday to Sunday nights, the bar is transformed into a trendy club. Fans of live music will also feel at home in B Bar. The B Bar is also a popular spot for the rich and famous: Al Pacino, Sting, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Irons have all visited this popular bar.

San Marco 1459
Venice 30124

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