Live the 2018 Seville April Fair to the Full

Pure art at the Real de la Feria!

Seville boasts a joyful spirit, great weather, unbelievably beautiful gardens and buildings, delicious cuisine and breathtaking art, above all, lots of art. The city is a delight any time of year, but if you catch the April Fair it’s simply stunning. This year, the April Fair in Seville takes place from Saturday 14 April to Saturday 21 April. Don’t miss out and get packing for your trip to Seville.

sevillanas Seville April Fair

A Fiesta of International Tourist Interest

The first fair was held in April 1847 and only comprised 19 tents. Originally its main goal was to sell livestock, but after its runaway success with the public, delighted with the Sevillians’ flair for singing and dancing, it changed completely. By 1850 there were already dozens of taverns and tents selling food, and by 1858 the number of tents had risen to 119. By 1859 the April Fair was clearly more about the spectacle of the fair than the livestock. It is now a wonderful annual celebration eagerly awaited by Sevillians keen to put on their best outfits and have a great time!

The April Fair in Seville gets under way with El Alumbrao, when the 24,000 lights are turned on at La Portada (the main entrance). Next, to the delight of locals and Spanish and international tourists alike, the whole Real de la Feria is lit up. A feast for the eyes not to be missed at midnight on Saturday 14 April.

Declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, it welcomes more than 500,000 visitors a day. A unique occasion to lose yourself along its streets decked out with coloured lanterns, to peek into a tent to watch flamenco singing and dancing, to watch the horse-drawn carriages go by, to drink rebujito (a cocktail of sherry and lime-lemon soft drinks) or dry white wine, to sample some of the best Sevillian cuisine and to soak up the art that is all around!

Night Tents Seville April Fair

In addition, next to the Real de la Feria you’ll find “Hell Street”, a funfair with over 100 rides, making it the biggest temporary amusement park in the whole of Spain.

And how does the fair end? With a huge firework display full of light, colour and sound. One of the most eagerly awaited moments of the whole fair!

Get moving and book one of our apartments in Seville: central, comfortable and at unbeatable prices. This year, don’t hear about the April Fair second hand, come and experience it for yourself!

Horses and riders Seville April Fair

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