Why do we all love the Algarve?

A recent survey by Schofields a holiday insurance firm has thrown some light on what families look for in a holiday destination. More than 2000 holidaymakers were asked to rate five different holiday destinations on a range of criteria including entertainment food and local welcome.

The destination that was rated most highly over all was Portugal. The next three best rated destinations were Greece the United Kingdom and Italy. Portugal achieved excellent results in all categories and finished with a score of 41 out of a possible 50.

Visitors rated the accommodation 9/10 the food 8/10 the entertainment 7/10 and the local welcome 8/10. The felt that the overall enjoyment factor of a holiday in Portugal was 9/10.

The Algarve region of southern Portugal is an established favourite with holidaymakers and these results show that it’s popularity is not likely to wane in the near future.

Why Portugal?

As the survey results have shown Portugal is a great place to go on holiday with your family. Part of the attraction must be the diversity of activities on offer and the fact that Portugal is becoming a year-round destination.

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