Surf in the Algarve

Year round surf in the Algarve

The southern most region of Portugal, the Algarve is blessed not only with innumerable days of sunshine but also to the delight of surfers, year round waves. A west coast and a southern coast means wherever the waves are coming from you are guaranteed to get a surf in the Algarve. Starting from the West coast and heading south we will have a look at some of the best surf spots around Sagres and Lagos.


Surf in the AlgarveBeliche- When this surf spot in the Algarve goes off expect barrelling right and left handers and rides of up to 200m. This spot can get really heavy with a big beach break at high tide. Often crowded with local surfers during the weekends but if you are lucky you could score this spot for yourself during the week. 

Tonel- A good fun right hander wave waits at this surf spot in the Algarve. A wave suitable for intermediate surfers and usually there aren’t too many surfers in the water. Only needs a small swell to start working and can get up to 3m on a good day. 

Surf in the AlgarveMareta- A good beach break with good but short rides, it is very popular with bodyboarders who aren’t into sharing so there could be a few problems with localism. Mareta needs an incoming swell of about 1.5m before it starts working and can hold up to 3m. The best time to surf is on the rising and falling tides.


cut back AlgarvePraia da Rocha- Lots of beach breaks along this city beach with a nice right nears the pier means it is perfect for beginners. Like anywhere else respect the locals and normally the favour will be returned. When the west coast gets big and heavy the waves here are usually perfect, quiet during the week expect crowded conditions on the weekend.

Meia Praia-Another city break, there are plenty of right and left hand peaks breaking along the 5km of beach so you shouldn’t have trouble finding an uncrowded spot to have a surf in the Algarve. The wave quality is not that great but if you are learning to surf there can be no better place than Meia Praia. 

waves in the AlgarveLuz-Another south coast beach break offering good right and left handers to experienced surfers, aggressive locals, man-made dangers and powerful rips make this surf spot unsuitable for beginners. 

There are a lot more waves just waiting to be surfed in the Algarve and we have apartments in Sagres and Lagos among others offering you the perfect accommodation options to explore all the surf in the Algarve.

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