Apartment of the week in the Algarve, the Oliveiras

Apartment of the week in the Algarve, the Oliveiras

Apartment in Vilamoura, Portugal
There’s moments in life when you need to relax, get away from the daily grind, kick routine in the ass and dedicate yourself completely to enjoying life. If, by chance, you’re in one of these moments now, we recommend that you take a look at our apartment of the week.

Today, we’re going to the Algarve, a small piece of paradise situated in the south of Portugal which offers lazy sun; unending beaches full of golden sands, which now shine under the tranquil light of autumn; mountains; green golf fields; coastal villages which smell of salt; Arabic and Roman ruins; excellent restaurants… in short, everything you need to enjoy a few days off and recharge your batteries before winter comes.

Of all our apartments in the Algarve, today we’ve got our eyes set on the Oliveiras, accommodation with capacity for up to four people in the zone of Vilamoura. Surrounded by olive trees and extensive golf courses, this is the ideal place to relax under the Portuguese sky without spending too much money.

The Oliveiras apartment is situated in a modern building, in avant-garde style, which includes a tennis court, children’s games zone, communal open-air swimming pool and covered swimming pool (perfect for the less daring, now that temperatures have begun to drop). 

Apartments with covered swimming pool in Vilamoura
This apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom with two individual rooms and a bathroom equipped with a bathtub, so you can submerge yourself amongst the bubbles before going to bed. From the spacious living room, you can get to the terrace with its Moroccan-style furnishings, from which you can enjoy the excellent views which extend over the horizon. 

Furthermore, if you’re going in car or renting one in Vilamoura (which is well recommended if you’re thinking about getting better acquainted with the Algarve and organising trips to nearby villages such as Albufeira), you can leave it in the building’s garage at no additional cost. What more could you ask for?

Laura - Marketing Team

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