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3 Airy activities to do in Barcelona

3 airy activities to do in Barcelona
Barcelona is a city that offers huge amounts of possibilities. You can go sightseeing, shopping, relaxing, lunching and tons of other nice things. But what if you explored the city from the ground and want to see it from a different perspective? Jup, you go up in the air... We selected three “airy” activities to explore the area on a whole new way.

# Hot air balloon trip A great way to explore Catalonia is by hot air balloon. The balloon will give u the magic feeling of freedom and independency. The flight will leave 40 km from Barcelona and will float you around for about 90 minutes. After this amazing experience the balloon will land and you will enjoy a great Champaign brunch. All passengers receive a personal certificate as a souvenir. Click here for the website.

# Skydiving Are you a true adrenaline junky? This activity is only meant for the brave ones under us. A great and exciting way to see Catalonia from the sky is by going skydiving. On the day of the arrival you will be picked up at your accommodation by your instructor and taken to the site just outside Barcelona. At the site, you will be introduced to the techniques, equipment and plane. Once everyone is ready you will leave to the inlands and get strapped on to your instructor for the tandem jump. The freefall part will be over before you know it, but after the chute opens you will be gliding and enjoying a fabulous view. Click here for the website.

# Helicopter Tour The last cool way to enjoy the beautiful views from the sky is by helicopter. Relax while your pilot and tour guide show you Barcelona and the area surrounding it. You will explore the city as you fly over it and have an amazing view of the city skyline from the sea. The flight will take about a half hour, which is enough time to get a clear image of the city. You have the opportunity to choose your own departure point, which is where you will be dropped of at the end of the trip. There is more information on the different routes and the rates available on the company’s website.  Click here for the website.

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