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The best way to let you in on the nicest places to visit and the most entertaining things to do in Barcelona is to ask those who know best. That is why we have been carrying out interviews with the top internet bloggers who have been good enough to share their coveted knowledge to thus give you an insight of what’s hot in this exciting city, and let you in on the top destinations and most interesting activities in this Catalan capital.
This week we have been fortunate enough to interview Sarah Lee, a travel journalist, editor, and blogger from who has generously told us about her favourite haunts and secret places in Barcelona. In the words of the lady herself “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page”. Well, we suggest that you start off by reading this page and seeing what Sarah Lee has to say about Barcelona.

1. Who are you/what do you do?

I’m a travel journalist, editor and blogger. Something of a travel obsessive, I believe it’s one of life’s more acceptable addictions and won’t be going to rehab any time soon.

As editor of LiveShareTravel ( I’m often to be found hopping from Europe, to the US, Africa and Asia. LiveShareTravel ( is a new website dedicated to bringing you the best writing, travel ideas and inspiration online as well as offering other ways to see the world and showcasing great lifestyle products that make life a little easier – and a lot more fun.

When I have time between airport stops, I blog at Sarah Lee Travels (, where I reveal more of my passion for travel.

2. My Barcelona Top 3:

a) The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

This is an unforgettable and must see display for me. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a light and water show would be a little cheesy but it’s so well done and gathers mesmerised crowds every evening in the summer months as they come to take in its music, light, colour and water displays.

b) The Barri Gothic

For me the historic heart of Barcelona beats most vibrantly in the Barri Gotic neighbourhood. Here the rich splendour of Barcelona’s past nestles beautifully with the modern. I love the maze of ancient streets and alleyways as well as the many magnificent buildings to be found here. There are also some fine restaurants in or close to this area such as Los Caracoles.

c) Port Vell

I just love watching the yachts bobbing in the marina then taking a peaceful walk down towards the Barceloneta.

3. Your Secret place in BCN?

It’s not a place in the city as much as a way to enjoy it. I have learned the hard way that when in Barcelona it is important to live like the Spanish and take siestas. I always want to trek around the city during the day then enjoy its brilliant nightlife so to save burning the candle at both ends a siesta is vital!

So you there are again, a few words from the wise and some fabulous tips on places to go, as well as some sound advice telling you to take a siesta so you can really enjoy the fiestas. Olé. Cheers Sarah Lee!

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