Blogger's view: Isabelle from Isabelle’s Travel Guide

Another valuable addition to our travel bloggers, and further fabulous tips and advice on what to do in the Catalan capital.
Our next travel blogger, Isabelle loves to travel and has a blog to cater for people that love to travel too, offering the right advice for those who want to enjoy their holiday and go to the best places with any fuss or hassle, which is what we’re trying to do by getting in contact with the top internet bloggers there are, and asking them about their favourite places in this exciting city. Because, lets be honest, they know best!
So take a look, feast your eyes, and let’s see what Isabelle has to say about Barcelona:

1. Who are you/what do you do?

I’m Isabelle from Isabelle’s Travel Guide and my biggest passion is travelling! Travelling has brought so many experiences into my life, that one day I wanted to do more with it. Not just seeing the world, but telling people about the places that are out there waiting to be discovered.

That’s when I decided to start a travel website/blog and since the start of it, now about 20 months ago, I’ve had the luck to visit even My Travel Journal more places and met so many wonderful people!

By telling and writing about my personal travel experiences I hope to inspire others and help them find the information they need to have their own incredible trip.

2. My Barcelona top 3

When I got this question, it was hard to just choose 3 places, as Barcelona has a lot to offer. I even used it in my ‘How to start choosing a destination?’ as an Destination Guide” because of the great combination of weather, culture, location and sightseeing.

For me personally I would recommend seeing Park Guëll, as I consider it as one of the cities treasures where Gaudi made one of his most colourful creations. Next up I would suggest going for a walk along the sea shore and the harbour. I love it that Barcelona is a vibrant city and has a beach right there too! And last but not least, see the fountains of Parc of Montjuïc. It was my first experience with a music and light show in combination with water. Later I would see another one in Las Vegas. But I never forgot about the one I saw in Barcelona.

3. Your secret place in BCN?

I don’t know if it’s a secret place, but I stumbled upon it by accident and loved it. It’s a beautiful square called Plaça del Rei, which is just a lovely place to people watch and enjoy the sun.

Another lady that knows what she’s talking about! Isabelle has cleverly touched on what many believe are the advantages of this beautiful capital being the great combination of weather, the culture, location, and the fabulous sightseeing, which we hope you will find as equally as attractive during your stay in Barcelona.

Thanks Isabelle!

Anna – Marketing Team

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