Interview with blogger Pau Garcia from El Pachinko

The most important thing for us is letting you know about the best things in Barcelona and letting you in on the most interesting destinations, therefore, we are carrying out a series of interviews with top internet bloggers that thanks to their inner knowledge can illustrate a little a bit about this exciting city, whether they are Spanish or from abroad. This week we were fortunate enough to interview Pau from El Pachinko, who told us about his personal experiences and travels in the most interesting places he has visited. He has a blog with really interesting and insightful content about places this adventurous blogger has visited, and whose quality is evident following him being nominated for Bitacoras prizes over the past few years, which annually gives out awards for the best blogs. In fact, the El Pachinko Blog currently occupies second place in the 2010 Bitacoras edition, so if you would like to lend a hand, you can vote for his blog for free in what is now the final stage of the competition so there’s still time. So, if you want to know what he has to say about Barcelona and his blog, then carry on reading:

1. Biography

My name is Pau I have a degree in Journalism, although a few years back I was working in Social Media and Marketing Online. I am currently working as a community manager in a company that specialises in adventure trips called YokmoK.

I love travelling, despite the fact that until recently I didn’t completely dedicate myself to this hobby. In fact, the first time I travelled was on my honeymoon four years ago. Since then, I haven’t stopped travelling and have visited 15 countries over the past 4 years. My favourite continent has to be Asia, where I try to go at least once a year, Japan being my preferred destination.

Since March 2008, I have had a travel blog that is called pachinko, and that was born so that I could share the things that we experienced on our travels with everyone (I almost always travel with my wife, Vero).

I see myself as a bit of an internet and blog addict as, as well as Pachinko readers can also read about the best hotels in the world, in my Travel Agenda and in Hottel.

2. Three places not-to-miss in Barcelona

I’d like to start by saying that Barcelona is my favourite city in Europe and occupies third place in my personal ranking after Kyoto and Tokyo. I’ve been a supporter of Barça football club ever since I can remember and try to go to Barcelona whenever I can, almost always for a musical or sports event.

They might be a bit obvious but my favourite places in Barcelona are the Boqueria in-door Market, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Park Güell.

3. Your secret place in Barcelona

The thing I like most about Barcelona is the connections that it has with Japan, and the fact that there are loads of top notch Japanese restaurants there. The last one I went to is called the Shimanto, located on 162, Calle Galileu, which I seriously recommend that you try.

With regards to Catalan food I love Cal Xim, situated on 145, Calle Girona. You’ve probably noticed by now that I like to eat!


Claudia – Marketing Team


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