Blogger's view: Johanna Bailey from Barcelona Bites

In our zeal to give voice to the most prominent bloggers in the world of travel and tourism, we keep on publishing interviews where the travel bloggers have the opportunity to share with us their most interesting places in Barcelona. This week we have the chance to interview an expert on gastronomy and parenting in Barcelona, who has a long experience travelling around the world, and whose opinion we are eager to get to know!

1) Biography

My name is Johanna Bailey and I'm a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer who has written for publications throughout the United States, the UK, Japan and Spain. I also attend cooking school at Barcelona's Hoffman culinary school. For the past seven years my husband and I have been traveling the world and having all kinds of interesting experiences that range from the enlightening to the humiliating (usually I am enlightened and humiliated simultaneously). I have two blogs: Barcelona Bites is about food, cooking and culinary culture in Barcelona and Johanna Writes Barcelona is my blog about parenting, kids, life in Barcelona and just about everything else under the sun.

2) Three places not to miss in Barcelona

-The Gracia neighborhood. Full of charming streets, laid-back plazas and inspiring architecture. Not full of tourists which makes it a wonderful place to wander around if you want an authentic neighborhood experience.
-Espai Sucre. If you want to experience some truly innovative food and you have a sweet tooth like me, don't miss this fantastic dessert restaraunt!
-Tibidabo. Even if you don't go to the amusement park, it's worth it to go up to this surreal place (anytime you have an enormous cathedral and a ferris wheel right next to each other, it's going to be interesting) and experience a fantastic view of the city down below.

3) Your secret corner

One of my favorite places in Barcelona is "A Casa Poruguesa," a great little cafe on Carrer Verdi in Gracia. It serves great coffee as well as tasty Portuguese empanadas and pastries. They also have a huge selection of Portuguese wines and good music. Soon they'll be opening a new location in the Plaza del Diamante (also in Gracia). They plan to have a selection of cheeses and pastries as well as weekly wine tastings so I can't wait to check that out!

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User Comments:

  • Jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot
    01 October 2010
    Great tips! I have wanted to try A Casa Portuguesa for some time now... My family is portuguese, so I can get a fix for my favorite treats.

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