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Who is….Matt Long? 

Interview with Matt LongDescribing himself as a luxury traveller at heart, Matt Long of travel blog shares his travel experiences with thousands of avid travel enthusiasts everyday. Suffering from what can only be described as a severe case of the travel bug; Matt travels the world, sharing his experiences and tips on where to go and what to see and how to experience the best of it all Based in Washington, DC. he and his work has been featured on many other websites and publications including BBC Travel, AFAR Magazine, Huffington Post,CNN GO and National Geographic Intelligent Travel. His work is also syndicated on the Flipboard and Pulse apps as well as Alltop.

Friendly Rentals: Where are you at the moment and what are you doing?
Matt: I’m currently at home working and recharging after a pretty busy few months of travel. So far this year I’ve been to Antarctica, Bermuda, South Africa, Canada and Croatia and am planning on some great new adventures in the coming months.

F.R: Describe your travel style? Backpacker, Flashpacker, Explorer, Luxury….
Matt: I describe my style as luxury adventure. That means I love getting out there and exploring during the day, but at night there’s nothing better than a great hotel with all the little touches.

F.R: What can’t you travel without? 
Matt: iPhone. It keeps me in touch with the rest of the world and I use the camera for times when I don’t want to bring out my big camera.

F.R: Who or what inspires you to travel?
Matt: I just have an innate desire to see as much of the world as possible, so it’s easy to be inspired. Anything from a book to a mere photo can make me want to visit a new place. 

F.R: What is the best travel advice you have ever received?
Matt: Less is more. This means not just in what I take with me, but in how I travel. Overplanning is my weakness and it’s taken me a long time to realize that traveling slower is really the best way to learn about a new place.

F.R: What has been your stupidest travel moment?
Matt: I was the target of a scam in Bangkok, but that experience taught me to question everything and to be much more self-aware.

F.R: Have you ever eaten what you would consider a pet? 
Matt: Never. I am a huge animal rights person and I have a policy against eating anything that is cute.

F.R: What’s your favourite travel app?
Matt: TripIt. I’ve been using it for years and it’s the best way out there to organize one’s travel documents and plans.

F.R: Of all the places you been so far, what’s your favourite?
Matt: Impossible to answer. The response changes based on what one is talking about. My favorite city is Paris, my favorite foodie destination is Jordan, my favorite adventure travel spot is New Zealand, and so on.

F.R: Is there anywhere you wouldn’t go and why?
Matt: I wouldn’t go to a place that is war-torn or otherwise dangerous. I think it’s a form of irresponsible travel and in this giant world it’s easy for me to skip them for now.

F.R: A favourite place in your hometown?
Matt: I live in Washington, DC and we have many great places here. I love though walking down to the often ignored Titanic Memorial on a quiet dock along the Potomac River. The art deco statue is inspiring and the location peaceful.

F.R: With or without a guidebook?
Matt: Both. I almost always buy the guidebooks for the background information but many times forget about it during the trip.

F.R: If you could choose a travel companion who would it be? Real or Fictional.
Matt: Mark Twain. He was a great traveler himself and I think his worldly ways and fantastic sense of humor would make for some amazing adventures.

F.R: Tell us about a journey that changed your life:
Matt: Four years ago I went to the Galapagos and that truly had a major impact on my life. It taught me that travel isn’t just about seeing nice places, but that it can be a transformational experience. Standing on the edge of the world on a floating Garden of Eden made me a more responsible traveler and ultimately led to the creation of my web site, 

F.R: Are there any travel blogs you’d recommend to help us keep learning and dreaming about the world?
Matt: You bet, there are tons of great ones. Here are some of my favorites:

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