The Best Patatas Bravas in Barcelona

One patatas bravas coming up!

Imagine you’re out enjoying some tapas in Barcelona. What’s the one thing you really have to order? Some patatas bravas, of course! The queen of Spanish tapas and many people’s favourite. It’s the spicy sauce that makes them a cut above mere chips. Here at Friendly Rentals we’ve selected our top 5 places for the best patatas bravas in Barcelona. Fancy joining us to try them out?

Original style, cooked to perfection, unique and irresistible!

Taverna del Clínic: without a doubt, the most original patatas bravas in Barcelona. Inspired by a top chef, they really hit the spot. Sweet with a spicy touch, they come with a mild garlic-based sauce cooked in the oven for more than two hours. The sauce also includes mayonnaise, tabasco, red curry sauce, Lea & Perrins sauce, salt, pepper, a dash of whisky, sweet paprika and Dijon mustard. If you like it really spicy, go for it and ask for their supercharged version with extra red curry sauce. The finishing touch is a pinch of Pimentón de la Vera, black and white sesame seeds, chives and poppy seeds. Delicious and stylish, what more can you ask for?

Taverna Clínic Barcelona

Senyor Vermutfor many fans, these are the best patatas bravas in Barcelona and we can see why! Generous amounts of freshly cut fried potatoes served with homemade aioli and spicy sauces—one of the city’s best-kept secrets—together with thinly sliced green peppers. They go down a treat with the bar’s own vermouth, so much so that you can easily find yourself coming back for more week after week. Another plus? The great music that creates the perfect atmosphere for eating and drinking.

Senyor Vermut Barcelona

Casa de tapas Cañota: lovely sweet Galician potatoes cooked over hot coals, mmm! Now add a mild ailoli sauce and Albert Adrià’s special sauce. Amazing patatas bravas, that’s what you’ll find at the Casa de tapas Cañota! And that’s not all, top chefs are always popping in: Paco Roncero, Dani García, Arzak and Karlos Arguiñano are just some of the names who have shared their tasty recipes with the cooks at Casa de tapas Cañota. Call by yourself and find out what this month’s star dish is!

Casa de tapas Cañota

Elsa y Fred: crunchy on the outside but fluffy inside, thanks to their double cooking technique. First roasted, they are then quickly fried. Their mild roast-garlic aioli sauce also has some surprising sweet touches. Their spicy sauce is another hit. Made with smoked paprika, chilli pepper, onion and other secret ingredients. The finishing touch is chives and pepper. Elsa and Fred’s lovingly made patatas bravas are truly unique—try them for yourself!

Elsa y Fred Barcelona

Bar Andorra: this mythical bar has been serving its famous patatas bravas in Ciutat Vella for years. Freshly cut chips served with rosemary. Mild with a spicy finish. Their mayonnaise is made with Lea and Perrins sauce, tabasco, parsley, salt and pepper. Be warned: they are very addictive. Bar Andorra soon fills up at the weekend thanks to their screenings, cocktails and live music. A must!

Bar Andorra Barcelona

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