Celebrate Saint Andrew’s Day and Scottish culture at a ceilidh in Barcelona!

Saint Andrew’s Day Ceilidh 2016 in Barcelona

On 30 November a little bit of Scotland comes to Barcelona to celebrate the country’s patron saint, Saint Andrew. Want to join the party?

Saint Andrew’s Day is the national day of Scotland. Not much is known about Saint Andrew’s life or how he became the patron saint of Scotland, but his remains have lain at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral since the 8th century. Sentenced to death by the Romans, he asked for his crucifixion cross to be set up in the form of an X to avoid drawing parallels with Jesus’ crucifixion on a Latin cross. In 1180 the X-shaped cross was became the emblem of the Scottish flag, which is proudly flown on Saint Andrew’s Day.

On Saint Andrew’s Day in Scotland, men wear traditional clothing (kilt and tweed jacket), many historical sites have free admission, there are parades, and, above all, lots of music and people dancing the traditional ceilidh all across the land!

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What is a ceilidh?

A ceilidh is a celebration with traditional Gaelic music and dancing to the tune of violins, flutes, bodhrans and accordions. Sometimes dancing alternates with poetry recitals, storytelling and singings, but the term ceilidh generally refers to the dancing.

A ceilidh dance is organised in sets. A set is a group of four couples who form a square or rectangle and change positions with the couple opposite to the rhythm of the music. Nowadays it can also be danced in a large circle, changing partners after a series of steps.

Ceilidh dancing in Barcelona

Ceilidh Barcelona 2016If you want to try a real Scottish ceilidh in Barcelona, now’s your chance. Our friends Fergus Muirhead and Frazer McLellan will be in the city on 26 November to celebrate Saint Andrew’s Day with a traditional ceilidh. Want to join in?

When: Saturday 26 November 2016 at 8.30 pm.
Where: Centro Galego de Barcelona. La Rambla, 35–37. Barcelona.
How much: Admission is €15 in advance and €20 on the door.

Bookings and further information at conradjdaubanton@yahoo.es or (+34) 661-607-860.

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