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X Games Barcelona 2013

 Get the Adrenalin  flowing at the Barcelona X Games 2013

Barcelona X Games Moto X The X Games are back in Barcelona on May 16-19. Don’t know what the X Games are? Well I’ll give you a quick rundown, it is a bunch of young men and women who have ditched football, basketball and whatever other traditional sport you can think in favour of skateboards, BMX bikes, motorbikes and rally cars.  And what they can do on these things is truly amazing

What do you get if you cross Kyle Loza, don’t know who he is, don’t worry you soon will, with a 20m high ramp and a motorbike? Amazing gravity defying jumps and tricks with indescribable names where the rider hangs off the motorbike’s handle bars with his feet or even lets the thing go,all the while soaring 15 meters off the ground are just a few of the things you get. There are going to be a few different disciplines of Moto X from best whip, free style, best trick, step up and enduro. If motorbikes are your thing then this is definitely the event for you.

X Games Barcelona BMXAnother event very similar to Moto X but without the motor is BMX, much of the same things will occur here and you will be asking yourself, How did they do that? Jamie Bestwick, 6 times X Games gold medalist is the man to keep your eye on in these events. Events in this discipline will be include park, street, vert and big air these last two events include the rider launching themselves from a 20 metre high ramp and doing tricks with names like double backflips and whips just to name a few.

X GAmes BArcelona SkatebowlYou have seen them in the streets doing jumps and heard the clack, clack, clack of their skateboards as they roll over the cracks in the pavement. Now come and see these guys do truly awe inspiring things with four wheels attached to a piece of wood in the skate bowl, think of an empty swimming pool with ramps in it and you have the skatebowl, or  the 4.5 meter high half pipe. I don’t think you will be able to imagine half of the things these guys can do on a skateboard. Best of all of the skate events has to be the Big Air event,  picture it, a steep 100 metre long  ramp,a 25 metre high jump and  a 15 metre gap to a quarter pipe and you have all the ingredients for a amazing adrenalin pumping event sure to leave you open mouthed as the riders get some BIG AIR.

X Games Barcelona RallyThe final discipline is the Rally event ,a six lap race with  jumps, mud and tarmac, skids and flying cars and some of the best drivers in the business, including previous X games gold medal winner Travis Pastrana and there is no way this event will leave you disappointed. A must see for car lovers and race enthusiasts. 

Where is all this happening? At the Barcelona X Games 2013 from the 16-19 May.

If you want to be close to the action then why not check out some of our accommodation in the Sants-Montjuic area, just walking distance from the Olympic Ring..

Useful Information: Barcelona X Games 2013

  • When: 16-19 May 2013
  • Where: Montjuic Olympic Ring, Barcelona 
  • Tickets: Available from Ticketmaster or Barcelona X Games website.

Here is a video of what you can expect at the Big Air Event.

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