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Lori & Ron memories of Barcelona and Madrid

Ron and Lori are a couple from Sansota, Florida. They recently traveled to Madrid and Barcelona. Lori’s daughter Kelly is on an academic exchange in the Spanish capital and their visit was just in time to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

Choosing Barcelona as travel destination as a deeper meaning in the relationship of Ron and Lori. Ron lost his first wife Nancy to cancer after 29 years of marriage. He never imagined remarrying and finding the love that he had lost. In a beautiful twist of fate, Ron's late wife's brother and wife - Tom & Debra - were some of Lori’s closest friends from her years living in California. Years passed and one day Debra made the suggestion to introduce them.

Living around 3,000 miles apart from each other Lori and Ron weren’t exactly a perfect match right away. However, they kept in touch and the rest is history. They married last year with Nancy’s family in the front row.  

Ron has many wonderful memories from travelling to Barcelona, because Nancy’s sister and nephews live there. He really wanted to share them with Lori so they visited Barcelona for their first anniversary.

“When we walked into the Friendly Rentals office, we couldn't have had a more beautiful start to our 'new memories' together in Barcelona.”

We asked the couple about their best memory of the trip to Barcelona. Lori tells us:

“The best memory for us really was walking into the office and laughing so hard when we heard the minions singing Happy Anniversary! Of course, the food and the wine were fantastic too!"

Courtesy of Maison Puyvalin, Lori and Ron were presented with a French gift basket of food and wine for their anniversary at check-in. It was a great surprise.

"Our apartment was in the perfect location to walk along the Mediterranean and then come back for a siesta and then enjoy dinner in the Gothic Quarter. It's such a fantastic area!”

Their recommendation for anyone coming to Barcelona:

“We think the hop-on, hop-off red bus is such a great way to see the city. The Sagrada Familia is a must see of course, it's breathtaking and nothing can really prepare you for its architecture. So many great stops along the way. The patatas bravas are our favorite must-have tapas! The Gothic Quarter area is definitely the area that is perfect to stay if you're only in town for a few days.”

Lori and Ron´s story continued into Madrid where they met their daughter to celebrate her birthday in grand fashion…another great story of its own!

On behalf of Friendly Rentals we thank Lori and Ron for sharing their beautiful story. We’re very happy that we were able to be a little part of their Friendly Story and their memories of this trip.

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