Change of Barcelona office

Friendly Rentals Barcelona moves home

We loved the old Friendly Rentals Barcelona head office. Moments (and food) were shared, chocolate was eaten in vast quantities, random passers-by stopped to take pictures of the picturesque Pasaje Sert where we were based… All good things, however, must come to an end. Having rapidly outgrown the available space, it was time for something new.

Fortunately, however, we haven’t moved far – we’re just opposite, in fact. And after a few nerve-wracking weeks, the new office is now up and ready to go. We’ve got a bigger and better kitchen, with a giant breakfast bar which is perfect for indulging in our love of a good ‘pica pica’ (buffet). We’ve also got a swanky new room with a big table in for customers to keep their luggage and come up with an action plan for their trip, as well as some springy green office chairs. 

Some things don’t change, however. We still get passers-by taking photos. Chocolate is still eaten in vast quantities. And, above all, we’re happy to say that our multilingual and multinational motley crew of staff has survived the move, and is still with us.



Practical information:

Pasaje Sert 1-3, 08003 Barcelona

Tel.: 93 268 80 51 – Fax: 93 268 80 52



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