The Great Friendly Rentals Travel Game (II)

Play the Friendly Rentals world Travel Game

Consider yourself a travel expert? Test your knowledge against the Great Friendly Rentals Travel Game.


Do you know the Costa Brava from Cape Town? Our loyal Facebook fans will already know that, once a week, here at Friendly Rentals we like to put you to the test with our Facebook travel game. If you missed the last few weeks’ Facebook offerings, don’t fear, you can find some of the most recent questions in the Great Friendly Rentals Travel Game here. If all that was a piece of Sacher Torte, you can find our previous Travel Game blog entry here.

Answers are on our Facebook page. Alternatively, you could of course see if we’ll answer a comment below.

1. City picture game

World knowledge test
After we put this picture up with the caption “Where am I?”, some of our fans spent the whole afternoon trying to find Friendly Rentals in the picture. Relax, kids: you won’t find us, because we’re not there. However, we do expect you to be able to be able to tell us where this picture was taken.


2. Transport picture game

Around the world games
Do you play close enough attention to the signs? The Great Friendly Rentals Travel Game is here again to check you remain fully awake at all moments while on the road. You just have to tell us which city each of these metro systems operates in.

3. Art picture game

Where is this?
This is possibly one of the strangest houses in the world. Only fitting that it belonged to a famous artist. Avoid getting fried, poached or scrambled by telling us who lived here.

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