The Great Friendly Rentals Travel Game (I)

Travel games: The Thursday quiz

Can you tell the difference between Bilbao and Buenos Aires? Find out with the Friendly Rentals travel quiz.

As fans of our Facebook page will know, every Thursday we rack our brains to come up with a fiendish travel game or quiz to keep you guessing until lunch. The Thursday Quiz has been so popular, in fact, that today we decided to post a special blog compilation of some of our favourite offerings. Think you know something about travel? Now’s the time to find out…

You can find the answers to our Thursday Quizzes on our Facebook page.

1. Food quiz

These delicious desserts are typical of four different European countries. Now you've worked up an appetite, can you tell us where each one is from?


2. Place quiz

This incredible structure is a key landmark of a major city. Do you know what it is and where it's found? The answer may be more obvious than you think.

3. Art quiz

The giant spiders are invading! Don't worry, we'll save you, but only if you can tell us which city this incredible creation stalks. When you've done with that, do you know any more cities in which giant spiders can be found? Our Facebook fans came up with a total of five.

We hope you enjoyed this travel game, don't be afraid to make guesses using the comments box below!

Penelope - Marketing Team

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