The best clubs in Barcelona

The best Indie Clubs in Barcelona

We’re always saying that there are all kinds of activities and events on offer in Barcelona, whether its festivals, concerts, theatre productions, or exhibitions in addition to and an endless array of other things to do, however there is one thing that really characterises this city and that is its clubs and bars. Razzmatazz isn’t the only good club to go to in Barcelona, there is a huge range of places to go to and where you can release your party side, whether its electro music you’re into, rock, or pop, etc. Thus, here is a little list of some of the most well-known and top clubs in Barcelona.


Of course, we can’t fail to mention the sacred Razzmatazz club. It is situated in Poble Nou and for 15 euros you get access to 5 different dance floors on various floors (price includes a drink), where you can find all styles of music. Are you into Hip-hop?, well they play hop-hop there. Do you like avant-garde electro music? Well, they have a floor blasting some of the best of this kind of music, and of course there is a floor (and its huge by the way!) for the best pop-rock music to dance to, or so say the thousands of people that go there every weekend in the alternative music club in Barcelona, that (if you didn’t already know by now) is celebrating their 10th anniversary. They say it’s s bit soon, but 10 years is 10 years!


Another legendary club in Barcelona is the Apolo located on 15 Nou de la Rambla. Similar to Razzmatazz, it is 15 euros to get in (price includes a drink), and you have access to two dance floors playing completely different music. Upstairs you will find quality electronic music that lovers of this music will dance to and enjoy until the early hours of the music. Downstairs music is played in accordance with the club’s program and comprises alternative music ranging from rockabilly to more mainstream music. A classic in Barcelona.


If you fancy going out in the centre, there are various options. Firstly, for more alternative music there is Sidecar.

Located right in the centre of Plaza Real this club offers everything, concerts, DJs that play indie music, and some electronic in an overall grunge style atmosphere for the modest price of 9 euros (drink included), a guaranteed good night out in Barcelona.


You will also find the Karma club in Plaza Real, which plays a large variety of music and costs 10 euros to get in (drink included). Here, you can listen to music ranging from the legendary Madonna, to AC/DC and all kinds of modern and not-so-modern music classics. In the end, classics tunes always attract a big crowd.

Moog Electro Dancing Club

Moog can again be found in the same place, on 3 Calle Arc el Teatre. Electro and dance music dominates in this club, so you can imagine what kind of music you can dance to here.

Although it doesn’t look like it, upstairs in the club you can dance to more pop-rock sounds and more mainstream 70 and 80s tunes that guarantee a fun night out for those that aren’t keen on house and electric, all for the modest price of 10 euros, drink included.

Marula Café

There is of course something for those that are into more soul and funky sounds. Where? In Café Marula.

This club located on 49, Calle Escudellers has become quite popular in Barcelona and after only being open for just over a year. People with all kinds of music tastes have fallen in love with the beat of the really catchy music played here that is easily some of the best and easiest to dance to in Barcelona, thanks to the excellent DJs that entertain club-goers every night. We assure you, it is impossible resist dancing to the beat of the music on offer here and for the modest price of 10 euros.


We felt we had to mention Magic Rock, situated near the Arc de Triomf, on 40 Paseo de Picasso, one of the most well-known clubs in Barcelona thanks to the high quality classic rock music played from the 70s, more mainstream and more fun, because here you won’t be able to stop dancing. This club in Barcelona has two dance floors where you can listen to groups ranging from U2, and AC/DC, to the Ramones, and Metallica in a very eclectic setting with a very good atmosphere guaranteed.

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  • chloe Lifestyle Barcelona
    12 November 2010
    Tonight I'm going to dance at the Magic!!! Can't wait, music is sooo good over there!!
    Lifestyle Barcelona.

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