Barcelona's Best Cocktail Bars

Barcelona's Best Cocktail Bars

When the sweltering heat seizes the city the only thing you can do is head to the beach lie under the sun and enjoy a refreshing beverage. For some lying under the sun is a little over rated so we’ll skip that part and head straight for the refreshing beverage. Now, the best refreshing beverage usually contains a touch of sweetness, a decent drop of alcohol and some kind of mixer, shake it or stir it all together and…voilá…you’ve got yourself a cocktail. In Barcelona there is no shortage of places to get a cocktail but we are going to show you our top five cocktail bars based on quality, price and originality. 

Negroni Cocktail Bar BarcelonaNegroni- A nice little cocktail bar in the Raval neighbourhood, the decoration reflects the name of the bar with black dominating and the lamps made from bottles of Campari providing a nice red glow. You won't find a cocktail menu no matter how hard you look because it simply doesn't exist. Instead the bartender will ask you a series of queistions and based on your answers will create a tailor made cocktail just for you. A great and affordable experience right in the heart of Barcelona. Where: Joaquin Costa Street, 46.

Xix Cocktail Bar BarcelonaXix Bar-A little further away from the centre,you can find this vibrant but little-known bar in the Catalan capital. On a marble bar over 100 years old, the most spectacular gin based cocktails are prepared using ingredients such as mint, strawberries, grapefruit, lemon and cucumber and served in a brandy glass. A visit to this Barcelona cocktail bar is a must for all gin lovers. Where: Rocafort, 19

Boada Cocktail Bar BarcelonaBoada- Another classic cocktail bar in Barcelona. Found just off La Rambla it was opened in 1933 by a Cuban born Catalan. It was in Cuba he mastered the art of preparing the perfect cocktail, he then brought this expertise to Barcelona. The decor is very elegant and classical, with a nice wooden bar, matching stools and pictures hanging on the wall. Adding to the classic look all the bartenders  wear tuxedos giving the whole cocktail experience that special touch. With a wide menu of delicious cocktails it is a definite must on your tour through Barcelona. Where:Tallers, 1

Torre Rosa Cocktail Bar BarcelonaTorre Rosa- Another alternative further away from the bustling heart of the city is this iconic cocktail bar located in a house formerly owned by an Indio (Catalans who made their wealth in the Americas). The fantastic cocktails are prepared by expert hands with renowned national awards and served either under the stars on pleasant terrace or inside.The mansion is divided between the ground floor where commercial music is played for younger partygoers and upstairs where there is a more relaxed environment. Where:Francesc Tarrega, 22.  

Pesca Salada- It hasn't taken long for the salty fish, a reference to the bars past life as a fishmongers, to become one of Barcelona's best cocktail bars. The bathroom occupies the space previously used for the very old fridge. Fantastic original decoration featuring an impressive ceiling and dazzling lamps are the perfect match to the exquiselty prpeared and presented cocktails. A great place for a quiet cocktail  in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood. Where: la Cera, 32

There you have our awesome selection of cocktail bars in Barcelona. What do you think? Got any other suggestions?

- Marketing Team

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