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Results of Friendly Rentals Halloween 2012 Travel Writing Competition

Halloween 2012 short story competition results

The votes for our Halloween 2012 Travel Writing Competition are in. Contestants were asked to let us know about their “Scariest Experience in a Foreign Place” in 150 words or less, and the results were quite a journey! From Carnevale in Venice to the Atlas Mountains, your stories took us to places we’d only imagined in our darkest (and, in some cases, most humorous) nightmares.

And the proud winner of a basket of Halloween sweets, as voted by the Friendly Rentals Facebook public, is…

*drum roll, please*

Halloween PrizeJuan Pablo Sánchez Miranda

"We sighed with relief on seeing the old B&B. After almost two hours’ walking, it was the first sign of civilisation we had encountered in this deserted spot. Surprisingly, it had a phone line, so we could call the crane to come and pick up the car, which had broken down just now, during our honeymoon. A strange, silent man drove us through the half-light to the place the telephone was kept. As we lifted the receiver, we realised that it wasn’t working. We wanted to call him, but the door was stuck. On the other side, we could hear malevolent laughs and barely-recognisable words which seemed to be words uttered by beings from behind the grave. Suddenly, a light went on, and we contemplated, in horror, the tombs which where scattered under our feet, tombs which slowly started to open.

Then we woke up. It was the man from the crane banging on the window of the car to let us know that he’d arrived."




A competition wouldn’t be a competition without some runners up, and we’d like to give Mercedes Daza García, Michaela Hainsworth and “El Gran Mikel” a special mention for their stories which made us ponder (Mercedes), intrigued us (Michaela) and made us laugh (Mikel). You can see their stories in full on our Facebook page. All participants have received a €50 discount – we’ll be in touch shortly to send you your promotional code.

Keep writing, keep travelling, and keep posted for information about future competitions by joining our Facebook page. Above all, we’d like to thank all participants for their efforts, and hope you had a horrorific Halloween 2012.

* * *

The management accepts no responsibility for nightmares caused as a result of the Friendly Rentals Halloween 2012 travel writing competition.

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