Maison Puyvalin, French products in Barcelona

Maison Puyvalin, a gourmet boutique in the centre of Barcelona

French cuisine is one of the best in the world, as vouched for by thousands of travellers every year, and Unesco, which added it to its World Intangible Heritage list. Bursting with different flavours made from a whole host of ingredients, French recipes take on their own style in each region. In northern France, for instance, you’ll find recipes with apples, butter and crème fraîche, while southern cooks use lots of typical Mediterranean ingredients, such as olive oil and herbs.

Maison Puyvalin, french cheese

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of France is probably its staggering range of cheeses (though the Eiffel Tower and French wine probably come close behind): cow’s-milk cheese, goat’s-milk cheese, sheep’s-milk cheese, soft cheese with rind, blue cheese, cooked pressed cheese… There are said to be over 400 different kinds of cheese, including Brie, Roquefort, Gruyère and Camembert.

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Another typical French delicacy is foie gras. This luxury food, made out of duck or goose liver, is usually eaten on special occasions, such as Christmas and New Year.

 No meal in France is complete without a loaf of bread. The stylish crusty baguette has become one of the country’s immediately recognisable symbols. Be sure to try one of its round country loaves: boules.

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You’ll find a bottle of wine on every dining table in France—not surprising in a country whose winemaking dates back to pre-Roman times. The major winemaking regions are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, although the Loire Valley, Rhône and Provence have been producing some excellent wines in recent years.

The haute cuisine you might find in a restaurant doesn’t usually form part of an everyday French meal, but you will certainly find all these typical products. Now that Barcelona has become a crossroads of culture, there are more and more delis offering enticing flavours to thrill your senses.

maison puyvalin barcelona

One new shop selling French products in Barcelona is Maison Puyvalin, at 23 Carrer Trafalgar, right by Urquinaona metro station in the city centre. It was set up by three families from the south of France who deal directly with small producers to offer an excellent selection of top-quality French craft foodstuffs.

gourmet french shop Barcelona

At Maison Puyvalin you’ll find a great selection of French wine, champagne and cheese, freshly baked bread, butter croissants and other typical French pastries. They also have a vast array of essential oils, mustards and other condiments to give your dishes a touch of French flair. If you’re looking for something special, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye in their range of regional products, such as foie gras, cassolette, duck and goose rillette, confit, salt-cod brandade, to name but a few.
If that’s whet your appetite… you now know where to buy delicious French products in Barcelona!

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  • Romain
    06 October 2015
    Great products, wondefull sellers !!!! Toi have to go there.

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