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Bilbao Triathlon to take place this May

The main attractions in Bilbao are the Guggenheim museum, the Iberdrola Tower, the Zubi-Zuri Bridge and the Euskalduna Palace. And, on the 28th of May they will be the spectacular landmarks marking the route in a trial for only the top athletes: the Bilbao Triathlon.

Bilbao Triathlon 2011

The Bilbao Estuary will be the unusual setting for this race starting with a 1.900 metre swim, followed by a 90 km bicycle ride and finishing with a 21km half-marathon that will take place along its banks beginning at the Euskalduna Bridge and concluding at the City Hall.

The capital of Vizcaya aspires to become a reference on the calendar of this high endurance sporting event.Two months prior to the Triathlon, more than 350 athletes were expected to have signed up to the event and the organisers hoped that this number would increase to 500 participants.In addition, it is estimated that 60% of the triathletes will come from the Basque country itself, 35% from other spanish communities, and %% originating from other countries. Bilbao Triathlon will kick off on Saturday the 28th of May at 1.30pm coinciding with high tide as the firts part fo the race will be the swim across the Estuary.

Given the logistical complexity inherent to this kind of trial of these particular characteristics, the City Hall has called for local volunteers. They are looking for people interested in the Triathlon, and locals devoted to the town of Villa de Bilbao and its promotion through sporting events similar to the initiatives that are usually organised in cities that host the Olympic Games and other major, international sporting events. Those who are interested in getting involved in the Bilbao Triathlon should send an email to the event management on the following address;

This spectacular street and periurban circuit (lined with symbolic buildings and comprising stunning views of the city) will, without a doubt, lend the Bilbao Triathlon a special edge attracting participants and the general public to the event, whilst promoting a modern image of the city associated with culture, sports and the environment at the same time. Thus, the regeneration work on the Estuary is very important with the first part of the race consisting of a 1,900 metre swim in its waters.

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