Friendly Stories: Ariadna & David, love story made in Costa Brava

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Ariadna & David, love story made in Costa Brava

Meet Ariadna and David, our first protagonists of the Friendly Story, a series of true stories told by our costumers. Friendly Stories reflect what is behind each trip, because in the end, what really matters is the memory that you create together with the people you share the experience with.  We hope you enjoy the stories and may decide to share yours with us too.

Friendly Stories Ariadna y David Costa Brava

Ariadna and David met as children in a small village on the Costa Brava. One of those charming places where you can still see children playing football on the street. Call it a wonderful coincidence (or maybe not, they say everything happens for a reason in life!) how both of their parents decided to spend the summer in L'Escala where they shared summer evenings and children's play.

David loved Adriana's explosive laughter. "It always made me laugh while staring at her like a fool“, he tells us. The following summer found them in the same spot and now it was David's shy and tender smile that conquered Ariadna. That is were their story began.

It was only college that put some distance between them and the infamous “Erasmus” program feared by many university sweethearts. Ariadna went to study as far as to Iceland but evidently you have to believe us, those who say that "the distance is oblivion" do not believe in love.  Their relationship did not break, but grew even stronger with the distance. Maybe it was due to their special meeting point, the Costa Brava, where every 4 months they reunite, in one of our apartments. Here they still recall summer nights and children's play.

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  • Elzba
    10 June 2015
    Lisbon is a wonderful place for lovers, no doubt ! but also for good friends with identical taste who like good food, beautiful sunset on the river Tage, and the nicest people to welcome you. all of it in a bright sunny beautifully catered flat in the city. A perfect place to visit museums, go for a swim at the beach or listen to fado in lively places. Enjoying and resting stay, thank you Friendly Rentals

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