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Granada gay mini-guide

Granada is one of the best places in the south of Spain and not only for its architecture, the Alhambra, and the tapas but for the night life there, which is really upbeat and chilled-out and above all there is something for all tastes. In Granada, not only are there mainstream and independent places, but also the “scene” is slowly gaining ground and there are an increasing number of bars, clubs, and pubs specially for the gay public that offer a really good night out. Thus, here is a small guide of the most popular bars on the “scene” in the city of the red monument.

Granada gay mini-guide

Fondo Reservado: A classic in Granada, with a variety of sounds and performances all taking place at the weekend. Definite stop off! Where: 4, Cuesta de Santa Inés

Six Colours: Have a great night in a fun atmosphere with the best house music. At the weekend there is no better place to have a good time thanks to the cheeky and friendly staff who will guarantee that you have a great night out. Address: 6, Calle Tendillas de Santa Paula. Telephone: +34 958 203 995

Rincon de San Pedro: Relaxed atmosphere and good music. A different place where you can mingle and meet people, and listen to soul , funky, and techno. Address: 12, Plaza Carrera del Darro

Rojo: You will find this small but lively tapas bar next to Plaza Trinidad. Good music, nice atmosphere, and the best place to get some experimental tapas. Address: 10, Calle Laurel de las Tablas

Infrarrojo: Situated only a few metres away from Rojo is the Infrarrojo pub. Good place for a night out with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Where: 9, Plaza de los Lobos


Tic Tac: In the afternoon this place is nice for enjoying a coffee, with relaxing music and a chilled-out atmosphere. As night approaches, things begin to change, starting with the music which switches to wave and funky and some of the best house sounds. Address: 19, Calle Horno de la Haza.

La Sal: Opened in 1988, a great place for meeting people, having a drink and listening to good music.


Here is a map of where all these places are:



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